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2020-10-30 10:14 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 1352 references
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I thought I'd seen insane in 2008, and then again in 2012 and 2016.

In 2008 we elected a Black Man as President who had exactly zero qualifications to be in that office and, by the black letter of the Constitution, was ineligible.  On the manifest weight of the evidence he bought, with other people's money, his Senate and Illinois Senate seat.  In other words he bribed his way into office with other people's money, which means that it was not his ideas being put forward, it was whoever funded him.  It matters not whether he presented a fraudulent birth certificate which, by the way, the evidence is that he did.  This is the same man who (like Senator Warren) claimed to be something he was not whenever it suited him, including to get preferential treatment in college.  Then he sealed the records that would prove all of this one way or another, a blatantly and outrageously illegal act available to no common person, and we let him get away with that too.  Leave the rest aside because it doesn't matter.  You are selecting who you would like to be the person who, if they're going to lie, will do so in the best interest of the United States population not their personal best interest.

In 2012, after he gave away several trillion of your dollars to the industry that has been violating US Anti-Trust law (15 USC Chapter 1) for decades, got sued over it twice, lost both cases at the Supreme Court and yet has not been prosecuted once nor has any of it been stopped, we re-elected that same asshole for another four years.

I don't recall anyone who got assaulted or their business burned over any of that, however -- and make no mistake as millions of Americans were in fact victimized and continue to be screwed by said medical monster on a daily basis.  Where was the burning of businesses and looting the local Nike store?  Today people do that when someone draws a knife. advances on police for several hundred yards refusing to drop it and then charges one of the cops with said knife and gets (justifiably!) shot.

In 2016 one of the chief architects of that theft by the medical industry ran for office against a bullshitting Commercial Real Estate developer who, like basically all of them, strong-arms people and structures things so that he can blow up anything that's not working without winding up penniless in the street.  I don't fault him for doing it, by the way, including the shenanigans with Deutsche Bank and the Chicago Trump Tower, on which there is plenty of documentation.  Why not?  Because this was not either party's first rodeo and they both entered into those transactions willingly; Deutsche Bank knew how Trump behaved (Atlantic City anyone?) and Trump knew how Deutsche Bank behaved too.  Never mind that Black Jesus could have had his DOJ take Deutsche Bank out back and shoot them in the corporate head for their role in the housing bubble blow-up and resulting mass-foreclosures with fraudulent chains of title which they "reconstructed" (that's not legal, by the way) after they (and many other financial institutions) literally destroyed the originals on purpose so as to make impossible real audits of what paperwork borrowers submitted and what the banks made up before securitizing the paper.  Do you really believe that an industry that has for several hundred years relied on hard, documentary records to enforce recourse suddenly got "sloppy" or did they do it on purpose to evade a criminal standard of proof after they knowingly sold trash to others as alleged "good investments" and by doing so ruined the global economy?  But no!  Black Jesus didn't blackball that foreign corporation for their part in screwing Americans blind; in point of fact he took one of the chief "see no evil, hear no evil, stop no evil" architects of that bullshit from the NY Fed (Geithner) and made him Treasury Secretary.

You want to bitch about Trump and his financial shenanigans?  Point your ire at Black Jesus who made possible every last bit of it not only continuing but ramping up on the day he took the Oath of Office when he had every legal right to stop all of it by destroying the bank responsible for not only that specific load of bullshit but a huge part of the 2008 blowup.  Again: Barack Obama intentionally refused to do so and let literally all of the crooks, which number in the thousands, walk away scot free and many of them not only kept plenty of stolen money but Obama and his administration bailed them out and gave them even more money -- your money.  While you're at it point your ire at Nancy Piglosi and ChuckyBoy Schumer too, both of whom are still in office and between them wrote and passed the tax law changes which GAVE Trump a perfectly-legal retroactive $70 million refund from the IRS.

If you demand that no bank may have an armed guard nor any cameras and the cops may not show up if the burglar alarm goes off there would be a line out the front door of every bank in the nation and virtually everyone in line would be both packing a pistol and brandishing a hold-up note.  Duh!

Now, running against said CRE huckster and self-promoter we have an obviously mentally-compromised old man who doesn't even know who the President is or what State he's "campaigning in", with his wife telling him it's not Bush while on camera.  He's had at least three strokes that have been admitted to.  His son was thrown out of the military for failing a drug test and rather than get his crap together he not only apparently continues to abuse hard drugs but has a thing for walking around naked in front of under-age girls in his extended family.  What has his family done about this?  Nothing, despite irrefutable evidence they know about it they've tried to cover it up and allow said young woman to be screwed, perhaps literally, rather than send the cops over to apply a little Graybar Motel reformation to his "lifestyle."  Never mind nearly-irrefutable evidence that he's been taking bribes from a Communist nation that was the source of Covid19 either through rank recklessness, filthy 3rd century "wet market" practices or perhaps even something worse while Joe, the candidate, appears to have at least known all about it and might have personally profited from it.

That's right -- we have a man running for President who, the evidence says, screwed his own fucked-up kid by turning him into a money mule peddling influence in multiple foreign nations, all of which by the way is extraordinarily illegal.

Junkies will do all sorts of unlawful things because their mind is basically gone; the drugs are all they give a crap about.  Having seen it in my own family I know damn well what happens and exploiting it, which the evidence says Joe Biden did with the full knowledge and support of his immediate family including his wife is Dante's 9th Circle of Hell level evil.

Do I need to remind you that this particular foreign nation, beyond being Communists, also enjoys running literal concentration camps in their own country, never mind using near-literal slave labor and wild-eyed intellectual property theft as competitive weapons against us?

You don't think this is a singular instance, do you?  What, Ukraine and China is not enough?  How about right here in America?  Is the Biden family a corrupt, serial criminal enterprise?  If you'll exploit your own junkie son how about trying to scam other businesspeople across the country?  And when they sue you?  At random threatening mail with blood-soaked foreign currency shows up at their house?  Really?

Shall we talk about Covid19 a bit in respect to both of these clowns?  We knew in March that this virus was much more deadly to seniors than others, and that among young people it rarely killed anyone.  In fact, if you're young dying is so rare that among those under 19 only three in one hundred thousand who get it die.  This age cohort comprises 28.6% of the American population of roughly 330 million, or about 94 million people.

If we deliberately infected all of them a grand total of 2,831 kids would be dead but we would have population immunity and the threat of logarithmic spikes in cases would have been over months ago.

More to the point your Grandmother would still be alive.

Instead we closed schools, bars, raves, threaten kids who are in college and go to a kegger, break up parties and even arrest the people going to them while issuing "mask and distancing" orders, all of which are designed to and do decrease social interaction between the very group of people who the virus, statistically-speaking, cannot kill.  And our media grabs the handful -- literal handful -- of young people who have succumbed and plasters them all over social media and the news to stir up fear and further intentionally shift infections to older people -- which damn well ought to get them indicted.

But never forget that Donald J Fucking TRUMP made all of that possible and stuck his Presidential Seal on it by putting Fauci, Birx, Redfield and everyone else involved on his so-called "Task Force" and he directly empowered all of it by signing Executive Orders and paying the states to take actions that disproportionately shift infections from young people to old people.  I remind you that he has reversed exactly zero of these orders nor has he disbanded anything or fired anyone despite his very own CDC publishing the data above proving that what we did caused 200,000 people to be dead and millions to be unemployed.

Then Trump went even further, along with the states, and in several states sat back and let Governors deliberately force infected people into high-risk conjugal living situations (nursing homes) where the risk of dying was 1,800 times higher than for that school-age kid.

If you or I did something intentional that multiplied our risk of killing someone by 1,800 times, and tens of thousands of people did die as a consequence, we'd get the Federal Needle for it -- and deserve it too.  There would be a ticker tape parade for the cops who caught you and strapped your ass in on the gurney.

Well, Governors Cuomo, Witmer, Wolf and others?

Oh, and let's not leave off Governors DeSatan, Lee and myriad others.  In fact would you please identify one Governor who did not close schools and discourage young people to go out and do what young people do?  Governor Noem may not have instituted a mask mandate but she did shut down the schools and scared the kids, so throw her ass on the gurney and give her the federal needle too because she caused a large number of those who have died in her state to expire just like all of the rest.

We are talking about comparative manslaughter totals here folks because all of these assholes are guilty of the crime.

Every one of them.

Where is Mr. Law And Order and why aren't all of those assholes sitting on death row right now?

How about Biden and Covid19?  He has no more recognition of the mathematical facts than Trump does, or doesn't care.  He'd go even further through arm-twisting to issue more lockdowns and mandates.  He has said so publicly, and when a politician tells you that he intends to kill your Grandmother you damn well better believe him.  Given the level of cognition Biden has I'll go along with an insanity defense for him -- provided he gets a permanent Rubber Room assignment along with his Cum Dumpster running mate and Piglosi.  Otherwise they can all be strapped to a gurney and get the needle for mass-manslaughter as well.

Don't even get me started about people like Vanderbilt's John Graves who just put forward another lie about "masks."  He knows he's lying too, because the data he is using is what I'm using from the same source, the Tennessee Department of Health -- and he's deliberately ignoring anything that doesn't fit his thesis.  Like these four counties, all next door to each other and collaring Knoxville.  One has a mandate and has had since early July the other three do not.  Which one, from this data, has the mandate?  Did it do anything?


When do we start locking up those who run notorious, public frauds and generate more than 200,000 corpses as a direct and foreseeable consequence?  These motherfuckers killed more people in nine months than four Vietnams!  When does someone with a pair of balls lease dozens of Cat D8s and turn them over to pissed-off Americans so they can level so-called "institutions of higher learning" and "policy organizations" like IHME that put out deliberate, rank lies and cause people to die by the tens of thousands as a consequence?

Said pissed-off Americans can practice their bulldozer-driving with the same sort of accuracy that our so-called "medical universities" practice when it comes to public health.

Knox County has UT and has made a lot of noise about breaking up keggers and stopping college kids from doing what college kids do.  Said college kids (and plenty of school-age kids too) have gotten Covid.  Guess how many went to the hospital, say much less died thus far?  As far as I'm able to determine the number is zero.  Is this surprising when the CDC's claimed fatality rate for that cohort is 0.00003 and 0.0002?  May I remind you that 0.0002 is an expected death rate of two in ten thousand and that Knox County has reported roughly 12,000 cases in total; they've yet to reach 5,000 college student cases yet, so that none have died is unremarkable.  You're much more-likely to be killed in a car wreck at that age, probably associated with drinking, or through violence (e.g. gunshot) than by Covid19.  In fact I'll bet at least one student there has this year by now.

Incidentally there is a massive scam going on with so-called "positive" Covid19 tests.  If you're allegedly positive and have no symptoms consistent with Covid19 wait 2 weeks and find a place to get a paper chromatography IgG antibody test; the actual cost of these tests is $2 (I have a few left), they require a finger-stick drop of blood like a blood glucose test diabetics take several times a day and return results within 10 minutes.  If you were actually infected (symptomatic or not) you'll have IgG antibodies and the test will be positive.  If you don't have IgG antibodies then the original PCR test results were false; if you were quarantined and inconvenienced or, even worse, lost income sue the hell out of everyone involved including your local County officials, your Mayor and the labs responsible -- and make sure you name them in their personal capacities.  The inserts in the PCR tests specifically state they cannot distinguish between live, infectious virus and not and have very high false-positive rates especially for CT values over 32, which all the states are currently using.  False imprisonment is both a felony crime and a serious civil tort. Make every one of the rat bastards involved pay for it.

You think this article is all bullshit and a fantasy-laden rant by some dude who just used to run an Internet company?  Look at Japan then come back here and grovel for forgiveness.  Japan did exactly what I have advocated since March and what we should have done -- no mandates but they told people to be adults, and people did what people do there.  Japan is a nation where they actually wash their hands, don't "welcome" tens of millions of turd-world invaders and then bless them by forgiving every lawless act, including but certainly not limited to raping and killing A Girl in Iowa.  (You do remember her and how fast that evaporated from the news, right?)  Yes, lots of people wear masks; it's a cultural thing if you think you might have a bug -- you mark yourself as biologically dangerous.  Such does not stop influenza deaths, by the way -- Japan has twice our flu fatality rate per 100,000 people.

Did all those masks stop Covid19?  Nope.  A fairly-recent serological survey strongly suggests 50% of those in Tokyo have had the bug!  That means that well over 100 people got Covid19 in Japan for every person who they count as a "case" -- and the virus harmed almost none of them.

If we had done here what they did there we would have about 5,000 dead Americans and the threat of overload of hospitals and similar would be long over.  We'd have never lost our normal way of life and nearly all of the 200,000+ who have died would still be alive.

But there would have been no industry created to sell tests and headstones, never mind the several trillion dollars given away to this constituency and that with only a tiny bit of it going to actual individuals.  Then there is the nascent industry forming right now under the government's protective wing which will use fear ginned up from lies to sell annual shots of a vaccine that will be unproved for years and will provide them a permanent revenue stream for a product of dubious value at best.

In point of fact some of my earlier estimates were that in China and other "initially infected" nations there were somewhere between 100 and 300 asymptomatic infections for each "case" reported.  These would have naturally skewed toward younger people by a huge percentage and if we had let it happen this would be over.

Do remember that I have been calling bullshit on all of this since the so-called "15 days to slow the spread", arguing, now proved correctly-so, that this was an intentional lie.  This entire nation should have risen in revolt immediately on the first day of April.  Had we done so most of those dead would be alive today.

Young people by definition are more-social and have more "exposures" than old people.  The average 10 year old kid in school takes dozens of exposures to other kids before he gets to school while riding the bus and then takes a couple hundred more between being in class, the lunch room, gym class and recess.  The average college student takes a hundred or more exposures between their Friday classes and the chow hall and then goes to a kegger Friday night and takes a couple hundred more in the hope of having a really, really intimate exposure risk by taking a cute girl home with him that night.

Your average dude like me in middle to early older ages takes a half-dozen exposures a day because I go to the pub and have a beer or two.  The average Granny takes 2 or 3 exposures because she might play bridge with three friends or needs to stop at the grocery store.

ALL constraints -- from lockdowns to mask orders to closed businesses to banning college keggers, raves and concerts along with any other sort of restriction on social interaction shifts cases from those who are naturally more interactive with other people in a "more dirty" and at closer range (the extreme is of course a passel of toddlers playing in a sandbox or at a daycare!) to older, more-morbid individuals.  60 year old people do not go into the mosh pit, say much less attend a rave in the first place.  22 year old young adults do.  Ditto for nightclubs and packed-to-the-walls bars.  Even more-stupid is any sort of "protective measure" in schools like closing them, mandating masks, closing lunch rooms, erecting plexiglass on the desks and banning recess.  This is closely-followed in stupidity by mandating masks in the general public because it inhibits the much-closer social interaction that young people engage in much more-frequently than older people and in addition for shift workers and school kids by mandating masks be worn for hours at a time you are increasing the risk of severe bacterial infections.

I remind you that bacterial pneumonia does kill young kids unlike Covid19, which rarely does.

With a virus that kills 3 in 100,000 kids but 5 in 100 grannies who do you want to take the cases that must occur to reach population suppression?  You do realize that the "flatten the curve" mantra does not change the number of cases, only the time during which they are taken, right?  All we can do is put forward policy measures that shift who takes those cases, not whether they are taken at all.   You're insane to do anything that inhibits, blocks or otherwise tampers with infections of those who are very, very unlikely to be harmed by getting this bug; every single person who gets it and survives becomes a firebreak that prevents others from having it transmitted to them.

All of those alleged "mitigations" do not mitigate anything -- they in fact kill grandmothers by the busload because every single case that a kid doesn't take inevitably gets taken by his grandmother and she dies at a rate of 5 in 100 while the kid dies at a rate of 3 in 100,000.

The "mitigations" do not just incrementally increase death -- they result in an exponential explosion of death.  We have suffered several dozen times as many dead people as should have died by direct and provable consequence of these policies.




I can read. Why is that you can't?  Why is it that you allow the media, social media mavens and others to peddle flat-out bullshit to you on a daily basis for more than six months?  Did America suddenly become 99.9% illiterate along with being innumerate?  It certainly appears that way.

Your mother, if you were born before about 1990, knew all of this.  There was an endemic virus that was 25 times more dangerous in older people than in children.  In children it had a fatality rate not far off from Covid19; a low single-digit rate per 100,000 cases.  Your mother took you over to the neighbor kid's house that had said virus and infected you on purpose because by doing so she protected those adults in the community that had not had it, even though there was a very small but non-zero risk you might die.

The virus is called varicella and the disease Chicken Pox.  I was intentionally infected when I was young, as were most other kids -- by our mothers, every one of them capable of basic arithmetic and not interested in killing their mother, unlike Fauci, Birx, the entire faculty of Vanderbilt, Governor Bill Lee, Mayor Larry Waters and both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.  I remind you that every single one of those people is old enough to know goddamned well that I'm right and their mother did the right thing when she took them across the street to get the little red dots on their faces and a nasty little fever for a week.  Yes, today we have a vaccine -- a fully-tested and validated vaccine.  Then we did not, just as today with Covid we do not.

Nobody hid in their house, closed schools for months, closed bars and restaurants, cancelled concerts, banned funerals, weddings, church services and other gatherings -- or wore a mask.  It was part of life, we all knew it, and if we didn't get the bug "naturally" by the time we were approaching a double-digit age our mother waited until some other kid in the neighborhood had it and over there we went to play, and just like magic, gee, what do you think happened?

Covid19's risk among older people is not 25 times higher -- it's over 1,000 times higher.  If the risk to children was acceptable until we had a vaccine 20 years ago to protect older people from a 25 times higher risk why isn't it now when the risk is 1,000 times higher or greater?

"Wear a mask" you say?


You killed your neighbor's grandmother with your mask, school closure and "scare everyone" bullshit while Jeff Bezos made another billion by exploiting that fear, asshole.  Never mind the testing labs are making $100 a crack for worthless tests while you can't get the CT number they're using and they appear to have been tampering with that number over time too, which is almost-certainly producing a huge number of false positives.  This is in their best interest because it generates more fear, more tests and thus more business.  If it winds up forcing you to quarantine for 10 days when you're not really infected that's just tough crap for you along with $100 from all of your friends you're so "kind" to name when the nice government goon comes around.  Of course you cooperate with said jackass instead of telling him to go fuck a goat -- right?  If the labs had to pay your salary and living expenses for two weeks every time they reported a false positive you could prove with a 2-week later negative antibody test they'd stop that shit instantly so why hasn't the government mandated that be done?

You know the answer as well as I do.

All you screaming fools are lucky my mother wasn't killed by this bullshit -- she died a couple of years ago of colon cancer -- or I'd shove your mask so far up your ass you'd taste it.

What "choice" am I supposed to make this coming Tuesday?  I never vote early unless I'm going to be out of town and know it.  Why?  Because through my life I've seen countless political candidates blow up in the last days of an election, either personally for me by taking a position I cannot vote for or through something so heinous that you might as well list Beelzebub on the ticket instead of their name.  Biden has had that happen here and yet Rah-Rah Orange Man BAD so he's still on the ticket and people still think he's going to win too and by the way, Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary and the rest of the Democrat machinery all knew about his and his family's bullshit four years ago.  How many of them are also on the take?

The last thing I'd like to point out is that going all the way back to the 1990s I have talked about how the government medical system is going to blow up and when it does it will hose the economy and everyone in the United States.  I've written countless articles over the last decade on why you must do everything in your power to never need a single medical service because if you do you will be either dispossessed of everything you have or be denied it and die.  I personally decided to quit being a fat-ass nearly 10 years ago because after Black Jesus was elected and rammed through yet another giveaway to the extortionate and felonious "medical system" in this nation it became quite clear that there was a zero probability that if I became reliant on it everything would be ok -- I would instead die slowly and horribly. Since there were things I could do that would materially change those odds, including getting rid of the extra 60lbs I was carting around, I did them. In addition to reducing the risk of needing said criminally-corrupt enterprises I'm enjoying things in my life on a daily basis that I was flatly incapable of 10 years ago.

Many people think I'm crazy.  I assure you I'm not.  Medicare and Medicaid have had even more damage done to them by this intentional circus of death caused by our politicians and academics who profit mightily from all of it.

In 2009 I pointed out that the reason Obamacare was rammed through was that the Medical Industry had reached the limit of being able to scam people; there simply wasn't enough money to keep paying for it and the entire edifice was teetering on the edge of collapse.  Obamacare was an attempt to prevent that collapse, which would not have stopped you from being treated, but it would have put an immediate and permanent end to ripping you off wholesale.

Covid19 is just another in a long line of examples.  At $100/crack you do the math on the number of tests from the Hopkins or Covid Tracking Project site to tell me how many dollars have been stolen.  Leave aside everything else, such as remdesivir (large study showed it worthless, but it just got approved at $3,000/crack by the FDA!) and more and just look at the test numbers.  A test that does not come back immediately, within an hour or so, is worthless to both you as a patient to interdict viral replication and from a standpoint of trying to stop transmission through tracing.  Forward tracing of contacts with a virus that is not universally transmitted in some sort of linear way, which we know is the case for Covid19, is worthless; you have to trace backward and find the person who infected you, not who you might have infected when 9 times out of 10 the answer to the latter question is NOBODY!

Why?  Because with a stochastic disease a backward trace is compact since it seeks only one person and whoever gave it to you is probably still giving it to other people too so finding them actually does something to slow down transmission almost 100% of the time. On the other hand forward tracing expends an enormous amount of resource since it is an exponentially-expanding problem and usually finds nothing.  All of the so-called experts know this; again, it's simple High School level math.

And Japan proved it works because that's exactly what they did -- but they did not stop transmission; in fact they built immunity and thus most of the Grannies are still alive.

They just stopped the death.

The entire reason we cannot test and trace our way to a reduction in infections among those who the virus can kill while leaving everyone else alone is that we have allowed the government and medical businesses to intentionally design a testing and tracing protocol that is mathematically guaranteed to fail to do anything useful but makes everyone involved tens of millions of dollars a day.  They've stolen every single penny of the money spent on it while governors, mayors and the general public cheered it on while intentionally skewing infections into people who the virus can and does kill.  That's the behavior of monsters and you've sat back and let them do it or even worse, cheered it on despite having overwhelming evidence stuck in your face on a daily basis that this is exactly what is going on.

So tell me why we're doing any of this again?  Why are you putting up with it?  Why hasn't the American public woken up and told every one of these evil rat bastards that they will stop it now or they will be forced to stop by whatever means are necessary?

What choice am I really being presented with this coming Tuesday?

Being violated by a Donkey or an Elephant?

Where's the option to not get it up the ass at all?

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Let's face it -- we're being given a Satanic choice.

There are a few things that are quite-clear about this political season.

First, the Senate is odds-on to flip Democrat, like it or not.  In fact it would be miraculous if it does not.  This isn't a function of who's got the better candidates, it's a math problem.  Toss-up states are all incumbent Republican or vacant seats; this by definition is a crappy situation that has nearly no chance of working out well for Team Red.

The odds of flipping The House red are long.  In fact, insurmountably so, by my math; the margin is just too large.

And then you have the top of the ticket.

Remember, Trump has had four years.  What has he done to beat back the Marxist tendencies of various political entities?

Nothing.  In fact he has enhanced them.

Who continued to allow the FDA, for example, to continue their outright scam when it comes to drugs?  Is not Trump in charge of the Executive?  Can he not demand that the law be followed and enforce it as the head of the executive?  Of course he can, and of course he could have.  In fact he promised to do so repeatedly during the campaign in 2016.

Could he have resolved the entire medical scam during his first week in office?  Yes.  There is 100+ year old law, 15 USC Chapter 1, that makes essentially everything the medical industry does when it comes to pricing illegal.  Said law has been challenged twice by parts of the industry all the way to the US Supreme Court and upheld.  The authority to execute on that law rests solely in the Executive, as does all law enforcement.  President Trump decided not to.  Then when Covid hit he furthered the scam by not only continuing to allow differential pricing but by deliberately using the DPA to force production of ventilators that we knew killed you 95% of the time in Wuhan.

Remember this?


We spent billions of dollars on an intentionally worthless device and our President did so by unitary Executive Order.  Said devices were then used on Americans and murdered them.  We did this will full knowledge ("p" value of <0.001, or less than one chance in a thousand that outcome was due to random chance) that they were next to worthless.

That is a Satanic act, standing alone.

But it did not stand alone.

Secretary Azar issued a regulation within days of the outbreak using a post-Katrina law immunizing the medical industry from legal consequences from the use of said devices and for any other decision to treat, or refusal to treat, anything related to Covid19.  Secretary Azar serves at the pleasure of the President.  Secretary Azar still has his job.

Trump did not pass that law, but he did deliberately abuse it and that abuse was directly responsible for the death of over 100,000 Americans, including quite possibly your grandmother.

Remember we were told that we should shelter in place for 15 days to "flatten the curve" and even the CDC admitted that there was no possible way to stop the virus.  They're right, by the way; there isn't, save one -- herd suppression.  Further, the CDC deliberately changed the way deaths are counted, an act of open and notorious fraud.  In all cases except this one a particular cause claimed as part of a death must be in the causal chain of death on the death certificate.  For example

The person died of lack of oxygen.
Caused by their heart stopping (myocardial infarction)
Caused by a blockage of a coronary artery.
Caused by chronic inflammation, which was contributed to by:
1. Smoking
2. Diabetes
3. Obesity

I've read enough death certificates; I have, at this point, buried damn near my entire family.

Except... in this case if you have or were around someone who had Covid19 then suddenly Covid19 is a "cause" of your death, even without causality in the chain being demonstrated.  This has led to the CDC declaring that more than 5,100 people who died of accidents or suicides were in fact Covid19 deaths -- by their own admissionAnd that's just the fraud that is self-proving; the alleged "influenza" deaths this year ex-Covid19 are implausibly low by a factor of about 80%, never mind all the heart attacks, strokes and cancers.

Fraud is illegal.

If that is not enough reason to burn in Hell would you like me to keep going?

Well, like it or not I'm going to.

Fifty-four NIH "scientists" have resigned or been fired for undisclosed foreign government ties.  In 93% of them the foreign government was China.  There have been 189 scientists investigated across 87 institutions thus far.  The investigation started in 2018.  This is the same NIH that Fauci works for, who also, I remind you, has managed to have his wife in the chain of major funding decisions.  If that's not a conflict of interest what would be?

How does an organization that has been proved corrupted by a Communist foreign government have any say whatsoever when it comes to public policy -- especially public policy that is given the force of law?  Yet the NIH and Dr. Fauci have done exactly that.  That too is Satanic and rests directly at the feet of one President Trump, who of his own volition appointed said agency and Dr Fauci to his "task force."

There is, at this point, hard proof that this virus is no more dangerous than the flu -- unless politicians and Health Care intentionally concentrate infections in vulnerable people and thus kill them. There is also hard proof that China launched and continues to maintain a major international pressure campaign for lockdowns and other intrusive measures.  They focused specific attention on Sweden which refused such measures and, I remind you, has been proved right; they reached herd suppression.

How many of the "models" and "modelers" have also been corrupted by the Communists in China?  To this very day they continue to maintain we are on the verge of an unspeakable wave of death -- and these are the same models, "modelers" and "experts" who all claimed Sweden would have somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 dead bodies.

In point of fact Sweden has lost fewer than 6,000 citizens and for more than a month their death rate has been an effective zero -- one here, two there, often with days between them.  All of these claims were frauds, not "errors" (to which not one has admitted to publicly nor apologized for) by a factor of more than THIRTY TIMES (3,000%).  In fact these organizations and people including but not limited to some of our allegedly "most-prestigious" epidemiological and "public health" universities and "experts" are still maintaining that we are on the "verge" of a catastrophe this fall and winter that will kill a million or more Americans unless we all take further extreme measures.

Having been proved that every single one of these individuals and organizations were completely full of crap and their fear campaigns were not only false they were maliciously false why hasn't Trump lifted the emergency orders?  For the same reason none of the governors have not done so: Money and power.

But let's focus for a minute on what is unquestionably Satanic: Intentional mass-murder.

Which Fauci, the FDA and our President have all not only endorsed they've caused.

Specifically, they have turned the law on its ear when it comes to certain drugs -- which is both illegal and Satanic.  The law provides that any approved drug can be prescribed by any physician for any condition where, in that physician's judgment, it may be of benefit.  It does not have to be a condition for which they drug is approved.  Yet the FDA and state pharmacy boards have blocked access to hydroxychloroquine for outpatient use.  There is no statutory or regulatory authority to do so; the drug is approved and has been for some 60 years.

"Law and Order"?  Uh, since when?  We're talking death here.  There has been roughly one death per year attributed to HCQ since its approval.  One.  The alleged "cardiac toxicity" referenced by many is, statistically-speaking, mythical.  TDP, which is the actual syndrome that can kill you, has yet to be demonstrated in any of the trials in which HCQ was put forward.  Since the expected mechanism of action for HCQ interferes with viral replication early use is critical -- that is, the earlier you use it the more likely it will help you.  This means that waiting until you are in the hospital intentionally destroys at least part of the expected effectiveness, and perhaps all of it.

Now contrast this with Remdesivir, the "approved" drug by the FDA under emergency authorization.  It has an incidence of 3/53 reported cases of atrial fibrillation, which is a severe cardiac rhythm disorder that can kill you outright.  3/53 is 5.6%, or many multiples of the risk of the same disorder from HCQ.

So why is Remdesivir approved and HCQ banned?  HCQ costs six cents a pill and we have 60 million doses stockpiled at this point; Remdesivir costs about $3,000 for the drug and since it's an IV infusion you must be in the hospital to get it, which adds thousands more to the price.

Satanic?  Oh, you bet.

Never mind that the damage doesn't stop there.  12/53 (!!), or roughly 25% of patients receiving this drug show hepatic enzyme problems.  That's liver damage.  So about one quarter of people who get this drug are at risk of significant liver disease caused by the drug. 

In short Remdesivir is a drug that has extremely serious safety issues -- likely severe enough to torpedo it straight to the bottom of the ocean in any sort of actual clinical review.  In this regard it is almost-identical to what was done with AZT and HIV.  AZT was a failed cancer drug that had extremely serious safety problems.  While it likely was helpful for a short while if you actually had HIV if you did not, because the test for the virus was faulty it created the same sort of damage that HIV did in the body!  Oh, and it was expensive as hell too.

At the same time during the first ten or so years one of the big killers for people with HIV was a form of pneumonia called PCP.  PCP, untreated, is almost always fatal. In people with a functional immune system it is extremely rare because the body is capable of fighting it off long before it becomes dangerous.  But, if you're immune-compromised then this is bug is a very, very real threat.

Leukemia, of course, also tends to wreck your immune system.  In 1977 it was demonstrated that giving children Bactrim, an off-patent and readily-available drug, was highly protective against them getting PCP, which, if they got it untreated it would and did kill them too.

So why do I bring all this up?

I do so because Dr. Anthony Fauci has a decades-long history of being a Satanic ASSHOLE who loves shoving people in the hole by wielding power he has no lawful right to have.  He in fact blocked use of this drug as a prophylaxis against PCP in AIDS patients for years, during which over 30,000 AIDS patients died of PCP infection.  Virtually every one of them should not have died of PCP because we knew this drug was effective as a prophylaxis -- we had successfully used it in kids with Leukemia for several years!

Now granted, in those years HIV was universally fatal; something always wound up getting you.  But that's not the point, right, any more than it is the point that with roughly 40% of our deaths allegedly "from" Covid19 in nursing homes that the median life expectancy when you are admitted to a nursing home is six months doesn't change the fact that if you intentionally give someone a virus that can kill them by forcing infections into said place that's still manslaughter even if you only took three or six months of life from them by doing so and not 10, 20 or 50 years.

What makes you think any of this bullshit with Covid19 is novel?  Perhaps you, dear reader were not around (or at least old enough to be sentient and remember any of this) when AIDS was ravaging the land.  I am old enough and remember all of it, including the dickheads who shoved 450,000 Americans into the hole, and some of those same assholes are now responsible in no small part for the 170,000 we shoved into the hole this time around.

That's what happens when you let someone get away with killing tens of thousands of people -- they do it again, and they enlist new people to help them the next time, exactly as occurred here.  This time they enlisted the governors, mayors and President in doing so and made a huge goddamned industry out of it to the tune of tens of billions of dollars within months at the same time.

Lest you think that Biden and Harris will make anything better, well, no they won't.  Biden was around in those years, if you remember. Harris was either too young or blowing politicians to get jobs.

But voting for Satan is, well, voting for Satan -- and I refuse.

Every one of the people involved in this bullshit, from the President to 49 of the 50 State Governors (SD's likely excepted) and an utterly enormous percentage of County and City Executives and Councils deserve to be in the Hague standing trial for mass-murder under political pretext right now.  I would offer a toast and thanks to God if any or all of them were to be hit by an asteroid and two toasts if their entire blood line was within the blast radius and reduced to dust; every last one of them deserve it.

If you think I'm voting for any of those people, it will be under only ONE condition: If that vote is to send them to public execution, preferably by slow, painful and outrageously severe means for the purpose of sending a very public and indelible message to anyone who might contemplate pulling this sort of crap in the future.

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2020-06-29 11:41 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 2985 references
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It's over folks.

Oh, I know, Tulsa didn't mean anything and the Trump campaign is "disputing" the Fire Marshal's attendance figures.

Oh, it was Covid fear.

Oh, it was protesters blocking access to metal detectors (and the "much-vaunted" right-side cops didn't clear said protesters?)

Oh, Sleepy Joe.

Oh, socialism.  Oh, Marxism.  Oh, AOC or Ilhan.

Oh, it was this or that.

Yeah, whatever.

It wasn't that roughly four years ago Trump promised to get rid of medical monopoliesthree separate bullet points on his campaign web site.  Three!  Unprecedented for a political campaign, and all three disappeared within 15 minutes of the election being called for him.  I know because I was watching the returns in a Pensacola Bar with my laptop tethered to my phone and saw them disappear.

It wasn't the promise to get rid of chain migration repeated throughout the campaign which also disappeared and nothing has been done.

It wasn't the promise to stop H1b abuse which every single tech company loves (and thus makes their stock price go up), and which of course he also did not do.

It wasn't his promise to get rid of birthright citizenship by whatever means necessary including executive order.

It wasn't his signing of every Democrat spending bill, without exception, including a government shutdown for which he got nothing in return.  It's not like this is the first time for such bullshit either; Reagan, if you recall, got a promise to cut spending out of Tip when he was President in exchange for his tax cuts.  The spending cuts were never even proposed yet Reagan never enforced that bargain.

It wasn't his repeated and outrageously false claim he was going to "build the wall" nor his repeatedly and outrageously false claim about miles built which are in fact nothing more than fence repairs on existing fences, nearly all of which can still be defeated with tools bought at Home Depot.

It wasn't his push for "ventilators" by the tens of thousands, including compulsory construction of them, which factually killed thousands of Americans and which we knew were worthless against Covid-19 in February as that very same device killed damn near everyone that was put on one in Wuhan.  After all, people attend campaign rallies for someone who killed their Grandfather all the time.  If you're stupid enough to believe that you'll believe they'll vote for said people too.

It wasn't Trump's willful and intentional destruction of tens of millions of American jobs over a false set of claims related to Covid-19, nor his willful and intentional refusal to call Fauci and Birx out on their bullshit on national TV.  Never mind Trump's own repeated claims that his actions "saved millions of lives."  Like hell they did.

It wasn't Trump sitting back and letting federal felonies by the score be committed, including willful destruction of federal property, arson and worse after the death of Floyd, including the commission of said federal felonies by self-admitted and avowed Marxists.

It wasn't Trump, after chanting "lock her up" for two years, refusing to demand an AG that will actually bring charges for trivially-proved federal crimes, including willful mishandling of classified information -- crimes that other, non-politically-protected persons have done hard prison time for.  How many of Hillary's crimes have resulted in people being locked up thus far, may I ask?

It wasn't Trump, after railing about how "unfair" tech companies are, also refusing to use the 100+ year old statutes carrying 10 year prison terms to indict said firms and their executives for their blatant, in-your-face rank violations of 15 USC Chapter 1, along with every single hospital and pharmaceutical company executive.

It wasn't Trump putting his socialist relatives Jared and Ivanka effectively in charge of both major parts of foreign and domestic policy.

It wasn't Trump taking a gigantic shit all over the 2nd Amendment with his "bump stock" nonsense.  For the man that claims to "honor" the 2nd Amendment where is the E/O mandating Constitutional Carry nationally, backed up with an order to the FBI to arrest any state or local official who tries to prevent same?  Shall not be infringed isn't clear enough?

It wasn't Trump knowingly, willingly and intentionally abusing The Federal Reserve system to screw every retiree out of the ability to earn a safe return on their nest eggs, destroying their purchasing power and now sowing the seeds of the nation's economic and fiscal destruction, acts that will make the late 1970s trashing look like a cake walk.  Oh, and Trump not only did it he gloated about it too.  At least when Nixon threatened the head of the Federal Reserve he did it behind closed doors.

It wasn't Trump sitting back and letting Florida and its Governor shit all over its residents who voted for a Constitutional change to restore the voting rights of felons who had completed all of their sentence, but then watched as that amendment was unconstitutionally modified after being enacted so that anyone who committed a crime and screwed someone financially now gets away with it and can vote anyway.  Election integrity doesn't matter to Trump, despite what he says.

It wasn't Trump who personally all but ordered states to shut down after hyping a very expensive medical device that in fact is at best worthless and likely kills people with severe Covid-19, ventilators, including I remind you literally commandeering an automobile plant to make the very devices that kill those who they are used on in the course of this disease.

It wasn't Trump who did not tell Florida to go suck eggs on the basis of the Commerce Clause when they put up barricades and mandated 14 day quarantines for people from certain other states, an act that is for all intents and purposes identical to an interstate barrier on commerce and is thus unconstitutional on its face, and by sitting back and cheering on DeSatan now has that blowing up in his face with the targets of same turning the tables on Floridians.  Trump cheered on DeSatan in his original act and by doing so he gave Cuomo and the others the means to destroy interstate commerce and thus further destroy the economy, which of course is exactly what they want given that there's an election coming up. This order effectively shuts down business travel between those states and specifically targets businesses in certain statesthe original order was constitutionally impermissible for the same reason but rather than stomp on DeSatan's micropenis and tell him to cut that shit out immediately or he would send the FBI down to the border and arrest everyone running said checkpoint on federal charges and throw them in prison Trump cheered it on -- and is now going to pay for that in spades.  Oh, by the way, Interstate Compacts are illegal too unless explicitly authorized by legislation passed by Congress (and signed by the President or passed over his veto) so that makes two separate constitutional violations in one announcement.  WHERE IS TRUMP ON SENDING THE FBI TO ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION AND WHERE WAS HE ORIGINALLY?

It wasn't Trump's failure to cite the two decades of research on masks in the context of respiratory viruses with multiple random controlled trials, including those of health care workers who are trained in proper procedure, that have found they're worthless.  Instead his very own "task force" shows up with masked people on the podium.

Sure folks, it wasn't any of those reasons (and many more) that made people decide to say "aw, fuck it and fuck you" -- and not show up in Tulsa.

Oh I know, let's blame the "deep state" and "courts." The same courts that just ruled that even a blatantly unlawful E/O cannot be overturned or simply ignored by the next administration.  Given that standard why not just issue a bunch of "unlawful" E/Os and be done with it or tell the courts to screw off and start deporting people?  When challenged on that ask said courts "with what army are you going to attempt to enforce your blatantly unconstitutional order"?  Make them live by their own rules, in short. 

And none of this intentional, willful failure -- not accident, not "deep state", nothing but Trump's lies to his base and intentional destruction of the common man for the benefit of a bunch of rich real-estate, pharmaceutical and banking moguls will result in any of those voters deciding to say "aw, fuck that" and sit at home, drinking a beer, on election day rather than going to the polls and voting -- right?

Mr. "Reality TV", where fantasy and scripted shows are claimed to be "the product of real decisions made by real people and not rigged" tried to bring that sort of deception into the realm of political policy where real people get fucked in the ass on a daily basis and it doesn't end when their hour is up on TeeVee -- it's real and it goes on forever.  How's it feel to be a participant in four years of "Wrestlemania"?  Let me guess -- you believe that someone can get clocked with a table then immediately get up and continue to fight.

May I remind you that Florida came within a hair of voting in a meth-using, male-prostitute-hiring Governor just a couple of years ago and has been on the cusp of that sort of insanity since the year 2000?

May I further remind you that instead of telling all of the mask-wearing idiots at "press conferences" that there are decades of settled science on respiratory viral transmission and all of it concludes that masks do nothing he has instead "gone along" with those who have tried to ram that down your throat too?

May I remind you that the so-called "social distancing" 6' "rule" came out of a 15 year old's science fair project which has never been subjected to any form of scientific study, replication or peer review, Trump's "task force" has repeatedly touted same, and in many areas it has nearly the force of law across the United States?

And may I finally remind you that he just sat back and let DeSATAN shut down bars in Florida again on the back of a case surge in the state which was primarily found in two counties in the SE part of the state THAT HAD NEVER REOPENED THEIR BARS. 

While those counties are indeed heavily "blue" how many votes will go "Red" among the servers, owners and other employees who just got thrown out of work AGAIN across the state?  I remind you that a Presidential contest totals votes across the entire state; county results mean nothing.

What are Trump's odds of winning when, not if, he loses Florida in November?


There will be no cheating or ballot games required.  The Democrats could run a chimpanzee slinging its own scat at voters waiting in line and win.  Donald J Trump has delivered nothing of what he said he would -- not on health care, immigration, illegal invaders, demanding the return of American manufacturing or anything else.  He has refused to stand up and tell the truth when it comes to Covid-19 as well; that the science says this is mostly a manually transmitted virus and not primarily aerosol which is why we're not having a material impact on transmission rates.  In addition what Trump has done is commandeer an American company to make machines for the purpose of killing your grandmother along with signing every Democrat dream-and-spend bill; at that he had actual success.

Put a fork in Trump folks, like it or not.


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