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2022-01-19 21:59 by Karl Denninger
in *****-19 , 418 references
[Comments enabled]  

During the Delta wave of *****....

Prior infection, *******s provide best protection from *****

In that order.

And it wasn't close either.

By early October, compared with unvaccinated people who didn’t have a prior infection, case rates were:

— 6-fold lower in California and 4.5-fold lower in New York in those who were vaccinated but not previously infected.

29-fold lower in California and 15-fold lower in New York in those who had been infected but never vaccinated.

— 32.5-fold lower in California and 20-fold lower in New York in those who had been infected and vaccinated.

So being infected and recovered was anywhere from three to nearly five times as protective as being "vaccinated."

There was no statistically-significant improvement if "vaccinated" after infection.

I put "vaccinated" in quotes because from this data it is clear that these are not *******s at all; they do not induce immunity, sterilizing or otherwise, at anything approaching that which occurs if you get infected.  By any rational set of analytical standards they are defective products and grossly unfit for purpose.

What's even worse for the jabs is that when Delta hit there were no jabs more than six months old, approximately, yet there were many infections that occurred more than a year prior.  Therefore being infected was not only three to five times as protective it was protective over a much longer period as well!

So if you were infected and then talked into or even coerced or forced into taking the jabs you were conned.  You got statistically nothing out of that jab of value but you took risk -- maybe very serious risk and permanent harm.

This isn't my claim or data this is the CDC's data.

Time for lawsuits against every entity that deprived someone of a liberty or privilege, or who successfully coerced you and then you suffered a side effect from the jab.  Not only has there never been a viral disease, ever, for which being jabbed was defensible on the premise of immunity after being infected in the past this one is no different.  As for all of those who coerced, urged and now, since it is now proved they lied as they had no scientific basis whatsoever for their claims it is my sincere hope that every one of them are brought to justice in this life and I am certain they will be in the next.

Again this is not my data, these are not my claims, these are official study results from the CDC itself who has now documented that in fact prior infection is anywhere from three to nearly five times as protective as vaccination. 

The comparison isn't even close and I hope the landsharks chew off all of the responsible parties asses.  They all have it coming and deserve every bit of evil served upon them.

You think the UK's actions were taken not knowing this was about to land?  Like hell it wasn't.

Having had *****-19 and recovered from it I will never take your damned shots and no, I won't sit for or tolerate any bull**** restrictions either.  You're lying now, you were always lying, the CDC now admits THEY and YOU were both lying the entire time and I will be more than happy to **** UP YOUR LIFE and take every single ****ing thing you have, reduce you to penury and worse if you try any of that crap on me.


And no, I will NEVER forgive OR forget what every single person and organization that pushed this bull**** has done, nor excuse the harm they have inflicted across the board, particularly those who at the same time they pushed this crap denied therapeutics which, if and when they succeed as they did in my individual case, lead to said more-durable and superior immunity.



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To enforce the truthful dispensation of advice about immunological practices, forbid false claims from being used to enforce mandates and provide penalties for those who continue to make false claims about immunology and thus place Americans at risk of serious harm or death.

I. History

Until recently the definition of *******, which is also contained in 25 US Code Sec 4132 (2), read:

The term “*******” means any substance designed to be administered to a human being for the prevention of 1 or more diseases.

Prior to the DTP ******* debacle in the 1970s, which led to the National ******* Injury Compensation Program (42 USC Ch 6a/Sub XIX(2) this was universally agreed upon in the practice of medicine.  The induction of durable sterilizing immunity was in fact the primary element of debate between Salk, with his injected polio shot, and Sabin, who developed the oral polio *******.  Sabin alleged that Salk's shot was "defective" in that while it prevented one from becoming paralyzed or dying from polio it did not prevent acquiring or transmitting the disease because the infection was transmitted through feces and acquired by mouth; ergo, the defense of circulating antibodies in the blood was insufficient.  Sabin's oral *******, an attenuated live virus, colonized the gut and thus prevented both acquiring and transmitting the infection.  Unfortunately it also occasionally, about once in a million uses, reverted to the virulent form in the body and could cause polio.

The United States used both sequentially, first the injected and then the oral in each person, to successfully eliminate circulating polio in the nation.  The injection's primary purpose was not to provide immunity but rather to prevent the risk of the second, oral dose reverting to the virulent form and paralyzing or killing the patient.  The second oral dose was only discontinued in the United States when there was no longer circulating polio virus, the last "live" case having been recorded more than 10 years previous and thus the risk of transmitting the virus to others within the United States had been extinguished.

The DTP ******* debacle came about due to quality control problems with the *******s themselves; some contained far too much active ingredient and others contained too little to provide immunity.  There was also a claim, later disproved, that a rare encephalitis infection was caused by the shots.  The parents of injured children sued and insurance firms withdrew coverage for the manufacturers, claiming that they could not insure this risk at commercially reasonable prices given what appeared to be inadequate process controls.  The ******* industry threatened to cease manufacturing all *******s unless Congress provided them with legal immunity.  Congress complied, and thus the NVICP was enacted into law.

However, at the same time and without clear notice and disclosure to parents, the "P" portion of the DTP ******* (Pertussis, otherwise known as whooping cough) was changed to an acellular formulation and is now known as DTaP.  This change made quality control much easier however it was non-sterilizing.  That is, you could get and transmit pertussis after being vaccinated but the claim was that you personally would not get seriously ill.

The record reflects that just before the DTP ******* debacle and ensuing changes in both formulation and the law whooping cough was nearly eliminated in the United States, with approximately 1,000 cases per year reported.  In the following years the rate of whooping cough cases has climbed dramatically and it is now common for 20,000 and, in a few years, even 50,000 cases to be reported.  This has been repeatedly blamed on "anti-vaxxers" but that is a bald lie, as is proved by the CDC's own data.  Indeed in 2019 18,617 cases of pertussis were reported by the CDC and in young children where vaccination status is known fully vaccinated cases are roughly four times as common as unvaccinated ones.  In short we now suffer twenty to fifty times the amount of whooping cough in the United States that was formerly present as a direct result of making quality control easier for ******* companies, we provided them immunity from civil suit when they produce and doctors administer a knowingly less-protective shot that leads to unsuppressed transmission until either an unvaccinated or breakthrough infection occurs, as the more-protective shot that cuts off same is no longer manufactured, and we have allowed many in the medical and public-health field to lie about the cause of the 20-fold explosion in cases of this serious disease.

This information is not widely-circulated by medical and public-health professionals.  Were it to be so parents might well demand that the original DTP ******* be made available once again under appropriate quality control standards.  In short the public did not just lose the ability to sue; we were also all made more-frequently sick!

As is now well-documented with *****-19 the intentional mislabeling of non-sterilizing shots as "*******s" has led to a public perception that sterilizing immunity is gained from accepting said shots when in fact it is not.  Multiple corporate, private physician and public health actors, both within and beyond governments, have made repeated unscientific statements that the *****-19 shots prevent getting or transmitting *****-19.  In fact the original EUA trials were never designed to, nor powered sufficiently to detect whether such was the case and the alleged experts who made such statements either knew or should have known this.  President Biden himself stated categorically that "if you take these shots you will not get *****-19."  Over 200 million Americans accepted these shots under false pretense and hundreds of thousands of them have suffered some sort of negative side effect thus far with over 10,000 deaths and tens of thousands of permanent injuries being reported to date, all of which are shielded by the PREP Act from being compensated nor may the injured sue the private medical and pharmaceutical actors involved.

This open fraud must be corrected now and prevented in the future.

II. Definitions

As used in this Title the following terms are defined:

Sterilizing immunity - The induction of immune response in an individual by either infection or immunization, that both prevents the acquisition of the infection and its forward transmission.

Durable - In a person of less than 15 years of age protection must be maintained at the specified level for at least five (5) years from the completion of the prescribed original sequence and for a person of 15 years of age or older protection at the specified level must be maintained for least ten (10) years from the completion of the original sequence.  Boosters may be required to maintain protection beyond these time limits.

******* - As defined in 25 US Code Sec 4132 (2), a preparation given to a human being for the purpose of, and which does by scientific evidence, produce durable sterilizing immunity in no less than 90% of healthy human subjects.

Prophylaxis - A preparation given to a human being for the purpose of, and which does by scientific evidence, attenuate or treat the symptoms of a disease should it be contracted, and which is given prior to exposure to the disease-causing agent.  Scientific evidence of prevention of the infection or prevention of forward transmission is not required.

III. Prohibitions

1. It shall be unlawful for any medical practitioner in the United States, any public health authority, manufacturer, distributor, retailer or person otherwise providing a substance intended for use in a human being to represent that said substance is a ******* unless that substance has been shown, by scientific evidence, to produce sterilizing immunity when the prescribed sequence is completed for not less than five (5) years in a person under the age of fifteen (15) and for ten (10) years in a person 15 years of age or older.

2. It is the public policy of the United States to strongly discourage the combining of prophylaxis and ******* preparations into one unit dose.  In order to discourage this practice a combined preparation that contains both one or more legally-defined *******s and prophylaxis as one unit dose must be labeled as, and treated for the purpose of this title, as a prophylaxis for the purposes of this title and in all matters related to public health.

3. No public health authority, school, business, medical establishment or other entity, public or private, including but not limited to CMS, State Agencies, border and customs agents, health service firms and others, without exception, may require that a person produce evidence of or accept a prophylaxis to condition any right or privilege, including but not limited to employment, transportation, education, lodging or entry into any place or facility within the boundaries of the United States and its territories.  All such existing statutes, regulations and private claimed rights of action are void as of the date of enactment of this Title and of no force or effect.

IV. Requirements

1. A manufacturer, distributor, public-health officer, physician or other entity who distributes, administers or recommends a prophylaxis as defined under this Title shall provide to each person so-recommended all of the scientific evidence available to the public and which they are aware of regarding the efficacy and limits of said prophylaxis for the attenuation or mitigation of the diseases in question, including the duration of protection that has been established, prior to its administration and shall obtain a signature from the person or their lawful guardian evidencing knowledge of these limits, a copy of which shall be delivered to the person or lawful guardian to whom the prophylaxis is administered.  No manufacturer, provider, public-health officer, physician or other entity may make, infer or distribute a claim for a prophylaxis that is not supported by current scientific evidence, including but not limited to the duration of protection.

2. Upon becoming aware of changes in the effectiveness or possible side effects that may be or are deleterious to the person who was provided a prophylaxis said professionals shall promptly and, when possible, directly communicate to all persons who have received said prophylaxis from such professional this new information.

3. All existing and future *******s and prophylaxis must have reported on a truthful and easily publicly-available basis the rate of all side effects, including severe side effects.


V. Penalties

1. Any person, corporation or other entity misrepresenting a prophylaxis under this title as a ******* irrespective of the method of such misrepresentation, including publication, advertisement or advice is deemed to have committed the crime of mislabeling a drug or device and upon conviction for a first offense is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be imprisoned for not more than one year and/or fined not less than $1,000 or more than $10,000, or both;

2. Any person, corporate or other entity who, following conviction as described in V.(1), again misrepresents a prophylaxis under this title as a ******* shall be deemed guilty of a felony and if a natural person shall be imprisoned for not less than one year nor more than ten years and/or fined not less than $10,000 or more than $100,000, and if a corporation or other artificial entity shall be fined not less than $10,000 or more than $100,000, or both;

3. Any corporate or other business entity convicted under V(2) of this section shall be barred for a minimum of five years, not subject to reduction or parole, from receipt of all federal funds irrespective of the program or grant from which they may be derived.

4. Any person, corporation or other entity that violates V(1) or V(2) of this title, or who conceals by omission or commission material facts on side effects from any such preparation shall forfeit all liability protections and be jointly and severably liable both civilly and criminally for any and all harm that a person suffers as a result of accepting said drugs without limitation.  Said civil liability shall include attorney fees and costs.  This clause shall supersede all other liability protections whether found under federal or state law or regulation.

5. Any person, corporation or other entity who through affirmative acts suppresses or conspires to suppress public dissemination of knowledge of one or more violations of any portion of this title shall, not withstanding any other portion of US Code or State law including but not limited to 47 USC Section 230, shall be liable at civil law for not less than $10,000 per instance, per person so-impacted and shall share joint and several liability for persons harmed by said acceptance of the drugs in question as required in V.(4).

6. Any person, corporation or other entity who violates the prohibition on mandates in this title shall be fully civilly liable to the person upon whom said sanction is levied.  Said liability shall include treble actual damages or $5,000 per person so impacted whichever is greater, including all fees and costs of suit including attorney fees.

7. Any physician, hospital, medical clinic or other licensed entity that becomes aware of a potential ******* or prophylaxis injury or side effects and fails to report same to VAERS within three business days of admission or treatment shall be fined $5,000 for each failed report which may not be set aside or reduced.

8. Any death occurring within sixty (60) days of the administration of a ******* or prophylaxis shall, unless clearly unconnected such as due to trauma (e.g. gunshot), be autopsied for the purpose of determining if the ******* or prophylaxis either was plausibly a causative factor in said death or contributed to same (e.g. by potentiating or reducing resistance to infection on a temporary or permanent basis) and the results shall be tabulated in de-identified and online-accessible form to the public without charge via conspicuous public web access.

9. All penalties in this Title shall be non-waivable and no discretion is permitted in the prosecution or sentencing of criminal or civil sanction.

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2022-01-18 09:26 by Karl Denninger
in Podcasts , 532 references
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2022-01-16 08:45 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 2227 references
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This sort of bull**** is exactly why nobody should ever take a physician at their word again:

Many people who are vaccinated, boosted and had ***** before are getting it again — and they are furious. They no longer believe the doctors or the president. Several of my patients have come to me (via televisit) feeling I let them down by pushing them to get the ******* and then the booster only to find themselves sick with Omicron.

What can I tell them?

For one thing, I can reassure them that their shots weren’t wasted: They were far less likely to get very sick with ***** after receiving the ******* and even less so with a recent booster. 

You have no evidence for this statement, especially over time.

Second, did you goad them into taking risk under false pretense in that there is no such thing as a risk-free medication?  Is the benefit worth the risk is the only proper question and that answer is personal because every person has an individual risk profile.

I can and do also tell them that though I wish they hadn’t gotten Omicron, they are now protected not only against another bout of Omicron but also against the more dangerous Delta.

Ah, but if they got Omicron without the jab they would also be protected against Delta -- without the risk of the jab.

Further, without the jab they might have deeper and better immunity to Delta than with it.  We don't really know yet but there is some fairly decent evidence that the jabs inhibit "N" protein build when, not if, you get infected anyway.  To exactly what extent that inhibition occurs or its duration is not known with any sort of certainty and so to assure someone that's not true is a lie.

That evidence was out by fall when we saw, despite vaccination, "N" protein antibody levels stop rising at a ratable proportion with infections in England and elsewhere.  This very strongly implied that anyone who was jabbed and then got infected in fact didn't get long-lasting immunity out of the infection where those who got infected but were not jabbed do.

Will that wane off?  We do not know; it's simply too soon.  There is some evidence that some of it will wane off showing up in recent seroprevalence studies but that some of the damage appears to be durable is also in that data at this point.  I won't go talking out my ass and make the claim one way or another.  Perhaps you should consider an apology instead of continuing to make statements you can't back up with facts.  When all you have is opinion and its uncertain it's perfectly ok to tell people that provided you warn them that is what you're doing.

Of course there's this, which happens to be proof you were -- and still are -- talking out your ass:

It comes amid "weird" data showing that case rates have been lower in unvaccinated individuals than the single, double, or even triple-jabbed since Omicron became the dominant variant in Scotland.

Not only do the shots not work they have negative efficacy -- that is, they make it more likely for you to not only get it but get seriously ill with it.

Of course that's exactly the opposite of what the medical "profession" has claimed, isn't it?

When you make pronouncements without evidence that has a way of happening.

Let's not forget you've been bull****ting people for quite some time in public, haven't you?

Not only that, but multiple studies have shown that the Omicron variant itself affects the upper airways far more than the lungs, even as it’s much more transmissible than any other variant. This is exactly what happened in the later stages of 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, according to John M. Barry, author of "The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History," who spoke to me about it on SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio this week.

I thought *****-19 was the deadliest plague in history?  Oh, you mean it isn't?  In fact its not even close, as you're well-aware, but scaring people is hard when you admit that there have been many pandemics through history that have been worse, isn't it?  Indeed.

And yes, this very same pattern did happen in 1918.

It has also happened in every other respiratory pandemic, including the one in the late 1800s that we think was caused by a beta coronavirus that is known as OC43 and circulates today.  We can't prove that one because we have no preserved samples to test, but genetic sequencing and back-fitting does appear to line up with a pandemic that caused disease very similar to what we saw this time around -- and both are beta coronaviruses.

In fact there is not one respiratory pandemic where this pattern has not been true.

How do I know this is a fact?

You and I are both on this planet along with many billions of other humans, that's how.  Were this not true the human race would have ceased to exist long ago -- well before anything known as "modern medicine" showed up.

Of course admitting that blows up all the screaming and fear-mongering too, doesn't it, including that nice fear-mongering OpEd you got published in August?

Yeah, it does.  Especially for those who already had it, they're ok, and thus no longer have a reason, statistically-speaking, to fear it in any way.  It's hard to sell fear -- and jabs -- to those who have already been infected if you tell them the truth about how every respiratory pandemic in history has played out isn't it?  Never mind it being rather tough to convince such people they should wear a mask too eh?

One reason President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are dropping is most Americans recognize that he overpromised on the *******. *******s have two essential purposes: to prevent spread and to decrease severity. And though the mRNA *******s clearly decrease severity of infection, especially with a recent booster, they clearly are doing little to prevent spread.

Stop bull****ting people Marc.

The reason people take a ******* voluntarily is because they believe it stops them from getting (and spreading) the disease.  Indeed that used to be the definition of a *******: A substance introduced into the body, containing part or an attenuated all of a pathogen, designed to induce immunity in the recipient such that they cannot get the disease in question without having to suffer the disease's effects.

Of course everyone in the so-called medical profession now lies about this and its a knowing lie too.

When did they start lying?

Oh, about the time of the DTP disaster, which gave us VAERS and the change of DTP to DTaP which is not sterilizing.

Of course nobody told the parents that up front.  Some of us read up on it and understood but, of course, that was after we were involuntarily jabbed as children, wasn't it?

Have all the doctors (including you) known this?  You bet.  The lie was and is intentional.  Indeed this very debate is what took place between Salk and Sabin.  Remember those two dudes?  Sabin was right, Salk was wrong.  Damn good thing we had that debate too, otherwise there would be people getting and dying of polio right here in America today, right now.  Why do you "conveniently" forget that Marc?

Any claim, which all you docs make, about "protecting others" is a bald-faced intentional lie for any therapeutic that is non-sterilizing.  It is merely personal protection exactly as is a condom used during sex and thus whatever level and duration of protection it provides is and must in all cases be a purely-personal choice with no ramification beyond that.  You know damned well I'm right too Marc -- why don't you admit it?

In the meantime, all we have is the cruel rhetoric against the unvaccinated and the consequences of the overpromising of a life-saving ******* by drug companies, the media and politicians.

There's the overpromising and lying again.  We now know the protection is not permanent and the risks are real and, in some cases, severe or even fatal.  For many people, particularly young males, you are more likely to be hospitalized due to jab injury than the disease.  How the severity of each of those play out over the next 5, 10 or 20 years is unknown and there is no way to know until the time passes.  This is exactly the sort of rhetoric that got you yelled at and is now proving up to be bull****.  When do you stop it Marc and will it be before or after you destroy all credibility in your so-called "profession"?

And the public is left not believing in any of them — or, for that matter, in doctors like me, who have been on the front lines saving lives but then all too often inhale the dogma of reproach.

You deserve it because you not only were a part of parroting that for which you had no evidence originally you're still part of it, aren't you?  You still call these jabs, which are non-sterilizing, "*******s" when they were never validated to be so, the original EUA studies were not designed to demonstrate that, they do not do so which we now know conclusively and yet you persist in the lie of intentionally mislabeling them which operates to deceive the public and your personal customers.

Your customers should be furious.  They're not patients Marc, they're customers and you lied to them.  They relied on your representation and you knew damn well you had no scientific evidence whatsoever that any claim these were actually "*******s" was true because there never was a trial intended to, nor that did, demonstrate they were sterilizing.

Customers tend to get pissed off when someone sells them something that does not perform as advertised, especially when they trust the seller to be someone who has specialized knowledge and thus should know what they're selling -- and its limits.

The ire directed at you and everyone else in your filthy profession who sold this bull**** is well deserved; indeed, merely being yelled at is nowhere near what is owed considering what was represented .vs. what turned out to be true.

What's worse is that actual sterilizing *******s will likely be caught up in this web of lies and distrusted as well.  How can you expect the public to believe you about, for example, the measles ******* when you're willing to misrepresent the ***** shots as being *******s when they are not?

We need law -- now -- that makes this sort of bull**** impossible to run on people.  I'll be posting my model legislation including criminal penalties for doctors who lie in regard to same shortly.

Never mind this sort of bull**** that could quite-easily devolve into a no-nonsense civil conflict and if it does you and everyone else in the medical profession along with every member of all of your families should be the first held to account for inciting it.

You and the rest of you *******s in this so-called "profession" ought to think about that long and hard and then both publicly retract the falsehoods you have all spread through the last two years and apologize lest the harm be orders of magnitude worse than anything *****-19 could ever serve up on mankind.

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2022-01-14 12:55 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 918 references
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The disintegration of the Biden Administration is on full-force.

A lot of it he deserves full credit for.  The vaxx mandates, for one, which were always stupid.  So was ignoring the fat is beautiful nonsense which was likely why about half the people who got *****-19 and died of it did, and I remind you that of those people 3/4 of them died after having the opportunity to do something about what went down the pie hole and in fact got fatter.

Every bit of that was voluntary, and its not my place to judge; you decide, you take the consequence whether for good or bad.

The mask mandates are equally stupid.  Even the CDC now acknowledges what I said originally when this thing started and various places imposed them: We've known for 40 years that masks don't work, we've known why, and in fact we've known that cloth masks may increase risk.  The reason for the latter is quite simple; they're reused and, once used a mask is biologically dangerous and can both accumulate and grow bacteria, never mind that all masks can (and do) transport things (including viruses) from one place to another.

I get it that people were scared, especially initially in the first few months of 2020.  But one of the primary tasks of the President is to project certainty -- strength -- and fearlessness.  The famous line from U-579 was "The captain of a naval vessel is a fearsome thing.  He always knows what to do, even when he doesn't."

True, for one reason above all else: The stalwart view from the top gives men and women the courage to take on whatever faces you and cannot be avoided.

Hiding under the bed never works.  If the threat is real and you do that then you simper all the way to St. Peter.  If the threat is overstated and you do that then you're an idiot and, collectively, you may well sink your mission -- or even your nation.  If the threat is real and you stand proud, tall and execute on attempting to actually win then you may win the day.  But even if you lose you inflict damage, which means the next guy may be able to finish the threat off, and irrespective of that you go meet St. Peter with your head held high.

Silencing competing opinions, as the government and Big Tech (at their exhortation, I remind you) have done over the last two years costs lives.  Science is not a pronouncement, it is a process.  A process that involves forming a hypothesis, testing it and then repeating the claimed experiment to see if the results are real.  Many times they're not.  Either there was a confounding event that was not taken into account or even recognized or someone gamed it for whatever reason, frequently economic or political.

Biden now has dueling problems and no clean way out.

If you remember over a decade ago I pointed out that by 2024 Medicare and Medicaid were going to eat the Federal budget unless we stopped them.  I first raised this alarm in the 1990s, and yet nobody wanted to hear it then - and still doesn't.  Back around that 10 year ago time I was invited to present this to a passel of Senatorial aids in Washington DC -- and did so.  Every one of them in the room acknowledged that they understood the math and that I was right but to attempt to defang that monster was to lose their seat in the next election, and therefore they would do nothing.

They all chose to simper under the bed, in short.

I've put forward a major proposal, last revised in 2017 but originated in print form in Leverage, to address this.  Nobody will touch it from either side of the aisle.  The CMS mandate would have not been able to be enacted as there would be no "special" Medicare or Medicaid direct anything, and in fact Medicaid would not exist.  However, the capacity for an indigent or low-income person to access and receive medical care would not have been interrupted at all.

We all had five years to both stop the destruction of the economy and prevent *****-19 from being turned into a cash cow at the expense of human life.  We didn't do it.

What we did do was foment fear, and then showered credit over the population in an attempt to assuage the impact of hiding under the bed.  Trump started it yet the Democrat party, having never met a giveaway they didn't love, enlarged it.

All of this was an attempt to either deny the laws of mathematics, violate them or in some cases both.

*****-19 was never going to kill everyone in the US because it couldn't.  Entropy is not a suggestion.  You can force mutations against the principle of entropy in the lab, which both US and Chinese institutions did (and we should hang everyone involved for doing it too, both here and abroad) but you can't do anything about entropy once the virus gets into the wild.

We knew from 40 years of fairly close study that coronaviruses exhibit much more entropy than most others.  Entropy is the enemy of any sort of inoculation since it ultimately ruins same and, since you can't predict it accurately it also means the only answer over time is repeated infections that both deepen and broaden immunity.  Living in a cave -- or under your bed -- creates more danger rather than less.  Go live in a sterile environment for five years and when you come out you are very likely to get extremely sick or even die.  Why?  Because it is the repeated insults and beating back said infections that broaden your immunity and reinforce it.  When this happens relatively slowly (e.g. as population densities slowly increase) all is well.  When it happens rapidly the outcome is horrible.  Go ask the native Americans about that when the much higher-density European living style showed up in their back yard, complete with bacteria and viruses they'd never been exposed to before.

But higher entropy levels also means that the threat dissipates faster.  The more-transmissible and less-virulent strain wins as once it infects you the others behind it fail in their essential purpose to propagate, as you have some level of immunity.  This has been the lesson of every respiratory pandemic in history; over the space of a couple of years those who can be killed are dead, most of the population gets infected, survives, and the ordinary mutational process along with that residual immunity defangs the threat.  There have been no exceptions to this ever in the history of man, and proof of same is that we're all here.  Had this not been true in every prior case the human race would have long ago been extinguished.

How is that both SARS and MERS never destroyed humanity?  This, and everyone in the virology community knows it and worse they knew it was almost-certain to be true when ***** first showed up.

This made any attempted "vaccination" against *****-19 worthless in that over time it would never succeed.  We now have the companies involved crowing about reformulating for Omicron-specific genetics.  That won't matter; by the time they do Omicron will no longer matter in terms of illness, as the virus will keep evolving.  But more to the point that evolution, which we continue to try to play with, has basically rendered the argument moot: By now 70% or more of everyone in virtually every corner of the nation has had ***** -- said estimates have more than doubled in the last six months!

The only intelligent action available to us originally was to attempt to protect those at the most risk (e.g. in nursing homes) by "bailing them in" as we did with tuberculosis decades ago, restricting community access in all respects to those who had seroconverted and thus were presumptively safe for a few months while we diligently searched for existing drugs and nutrients that could blunt the impact.  Attempting to limit circulation among those statistically unlikely to be harmed, especially healthy kids, was and remains stupid because every person who gets it and becomes immune, whether temporarily or otherwise, is a person who can't give it to Granny in the future.

Instead we huffed and we puffed, we formulated dangerous jabs that emulated viremia (which is how ***** kills you when it does, by the way) to a greater or lesser extent since it's impossible to avoid that risk when you inject something, we deliberately injected a known mismatched genetic instruction set into 200 million+ Americans and we got.... nothing to show for it except a ****-ton of rich people and a big stack of dead bodies.  All the people who got jabbed either have or are getting the virus anyway and for Omicron the data says being jabbed makes it more likely that you'll have a symptomatic infection, including a second one if you had *****-19 previously!

The virus was always going to infect nearly everyone, which I pointed out was inevitable in early 2020, and now it has.  It was also always going to mutate into a more easily-transmitted but less-lethal disease.  It would never be eradicated no matter what we did because it, like other coronaviruses, has animal reservoirs.  This was always fact and anyone who has spent any amount of time studying history came to this conclusion within the first couple of months of this virus showing up.

Every bit of screaming beyond that point was driven by fear or worse, an intent to exploit the virus and increase the body count, economic damage or both for money and power.

You'll keep getting it by the way since its never going away.  Most of the time you won't even know you got it, provided you quit taking those damned shots.  Sometimes, as the genome shifts and your immunity becomes less-potent due to mismatch you'll get a cold, or a mild flu.  Once in a great while you'll get hammered, just like happens with OC43 and HKU1, the other two circulating beta coronaviruses.  In short there are now three, like it or not, exactly as was always going to be the case.

Trump was stupid to do what he did.  I'd say Biden was more-stupid but I'm not sure he knows when he **** his own pants, especially after watching the last couple of his "pressers" where there is literally nobody home.  It doesn't matter; as the titular head when the plane crashes if you're in the left seat you and your party pay for it.

The economic disruption will be worse, and kill far more, than ***** ever could.  We are already working on it.  ODs, death-by-drinking and suicides have and are skyrocketing.  I knew someone in two of those three categories personally who is now dead and wasn't two years ago.  Inflation and ruining people's social circles has a way of doing that; you're told to stay home and, well, gee, that beer bottle or pack of drugs looks awfully enticing, doesn't it?  Uh huh.  Then add 50 or 100lbs to your body from sitting on your ass and all the things you can do that make you more medically-fragile (including from *****) get worse.  Dead is dead and to the person who's dead it does not matter why.

The latest credit report has made clear that Americans blew all the credit and then some that was "showered" all over them, but you see, it wasn't money that was showered as the media and politicians claim.  It was credit, and it blew up into prices.  Think not?  What does the car dealer do when there are 10 cars and 20 people waving around pre-approved credit offers?  He sticks a $5,000 or more "dealer price adjustment" sticker on the car!  That makes it worse when you're broke, doesn't it?  Uh huh.  Where's that bottle, whether full of booze or pills, for me to drown my sorrows in again?

For now the market is flying pretty high, and so are house prices.

For now.

But the credit game must end, just as must the exponential expansion of the medical system.

That every single person claiming a "degree" in any profession does not recognize that all exponential systems must either stop or they will end in either heat death or detonation by resource privation resulting in societal collapse continues to astonish me.  It should not surprise that many governments, when faced with the latter, try to get out of it by stealing something from some other land or blowing it up, that is, war.

Biden is in a box and so are both Congress and The Fed.

As for medical care in the United States we could and still must do something similar to my above-linked proposal, but I doubt we will.  As such the best you can do is as I pointed out back when Obamacare was passed: To the best of your ability do not need the medical system at all thus you can ignore it and its attempt to suck all your assets out of you and, if that fails or if you've gone too far down the road accept that they're going to do their level best to both asset-strip and kill you.

Since the population will not force this to happen the expansion will force the collapse instead.  It already is.

As for Brandon and the Democrats they're ****ed.  I'm sure The Fed will try to thread the needle but a deep and nasty recession is baked in the cake at this point and buying into their "soft landing" twaddle is akin to believing in unicorns.  Best guess is they'll try to engineer it to not blow before the elections, but I wouldn't take the bet on that working.  My expectation is that asset markets and the Democrat party both have a "use by" date that is rapidly approaching its terminus, and the fish in that wrapper is already starting to stink.

Maybe this time we'll do something intelligent once it comes apart -- but given the last few times its happened, all during my adult lifetime, I wouldn't take that bet even at 10:1 odds.

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