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 Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid
Maddmaxx 1k posts, incept 2021-05-31
2021-08-05 20:28:05

"I'm not so sure the NFLPA gets it."

It seems they don't like the double standard and recognize that the vaccinated can also create an outbreak of covid.
Tsherry 15k posts, incept 2008-12-09
2021-08-05 21:38:45

The standards are fluid. Like gender. They mean whatever they want them to mean and if you question them you're an evil (insert slanderous term here) who should die.

IQ plus a promethean mindset matters.-Eleua

1 Thessalonians 4:11 Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that
Eleua 23k posts, incept 2007-07-05
2021-08-05 21:38:47

IT's called "upping the ante."

If the NFL wants to play bio-security enforcer, the NFLPA just raised their costs of doing so.

Diversity + proximity = WAR

-The facts do not care about your narrative. The "GREAT NOTICING" continues apace.
Nickdanger 2k posts, incept 2011-06-12
2021-08-05 21:39:00


Thanks, I have seen that clip of Jimmy Dore. He mentions that he had a medical issue to start with, and I guess the jab made his problems worse. I watch him regularly. He's a progressive, but dishes it out to all sides. I don't agree with most of his solutions, but he can pinpoint the problems.


Thanks, I'll check it out. I think he's the one that mentioned that 65% of the folks he tested that got the clot shot had bad d-dimer results.

My husband will probably never admit that he made a mistake when he decided to get the jab. In fact, it's a touchy subject around here, and I don't bring it up.

-- I'm in the control group

-- In life, it's important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong.
Heartlander 3k posts, incept 2021-02-25
2021-08-06 07:16:59


Found this too!

Including this paragraph:
If youre using 5% Lugols solution, simply add one drop to your nebulizer after filling it with the diluted peroxide solution. If youre using 2% Lugols solution, which is available over the counter, add two drops. Of course, this should be done with a doctors consultation.

Answered my question!

Thanks for the Piping Rock tip. Will order from there if I can't find it at the pharmacy or the health-food store tomorrow.

Thanks again so much.
Quantum 1k posts, incept 2021-05-18
2021-08-06 07:17:16

I watched a video last week about a doctor that has given his covid patients the d-dimer test, and 65% of them had micro-clotting. Does this test have to be done shortly after the jab, or is it something that can be tested longer after the fact and get a valid result?

I don't have any knowledge about this myself, but FWIW, the Trialsite page has a very long article:

Look partway down the page for this header; it has a lot of info and mentions timing after vaccination:

The D-dimer studies are an objective smoking gun that these vaccines are super dangerous

Our God, will you not judge them? For we have no power to face this great multitude that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. --2 Chron. 20:12
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2021-08-06 10:43:51

@Heartlander. Thank you. I didn't realize there were two strengths (2 and 5 percent) and that one needed a prescription. I bought the 2 percent version of Lugol's on line. The other thing I did was buy the 3.5 percent concentrate of food grade hydrogen peroxide. I know it comes in a 35 percent solution (an entire gallon), but I thought the less concentrated solution would be easier to deal with in terms of dilution and ratios. I don't need an entire gallon of it as very little is needed for the nebulizer.
Bikemechanicdeux 3k posts, incept 2020-03-29
2021-08-06 14:20:22

Concerning the iodine supplement. Lugols is a good brand.

If you are going to take Iodine you also should add selenium. I use brazil nuts for the selenium. One they have a great flavor and it is natural. Though word of warning on the B nuts. Read up, you should not eat them in large quantity.

The selenium makes the iodine much more effective. From what I learned you are tossing some good money for little benefit if you don't.

I read that half a brazil nut contains all the selenium you need. A bag goes a long way and they store well in the fridge.

Lets Hunt Some Orc.
Chaparral 3k posts, incept 2007-09-11
2021-08-06 18:09:30

Lugol's iodine is a formulation, not so much a "brand". It is somewhat different from other forms of iodine like Povidone or elemental crystal iodine.

If a recipe specifies Lugol's, I'd do what I had to do to procure Lugol's.
Bikemechanicdeux 3k posts, incept 2020-03-29
2021-08-06 19:10:39


I use nascent.

Though I am a little confused. There is a brand called Lugols and it is sold many places

Label says original Lugols. It was invented by a Frenchman name Lugols.

It is his formulation, am I wrong, and he sold it under his name.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Not arguing semantics.

Lets Hunt Some Orc.
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2021-08-06 20:39:29

I know a lot of things but whether Lugol's iodine is different in formula than another brand, I have no idea at all. I appreciate the info on Selenium added to the iodine supplement. I didn't know that. I was basically following directions on the peroxide nebulizer formula. I wasn't improvising because I did not know enough. (Smile and wink.) You know when all else fails follow directions.
Lemonaid 18k posts, incept 2008-01-20
2021-08-06 20:44:02

Lugols is a formulation of iodine and iodide.

"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of
Hanssachs 171 posts, incept 2021-06-24
2021-08-07 09:50:37


"Your theory about Merck and their tweaked ivermectin makes sense only if you buy the old busted theory that this is just about money.

It's not.

Having a cure would wreck the genocide project."

I don't actually believe the whole thing is about money. That's more Karl's position. The reason I say it can't be just about money is that countries that are not going to make any money off of using the mRNA are still supporting the mission. For example, I didn't see any French company connected to profits from selling jabs. And yet the French are going hardest for mandatory vaccination. The only thing that I can think would justify it monetarily for someone like the French is if they know that the jabs will kill more over 65 people, and so reduce Social Security and medical spending. I don't think they're thinking like that yet.

However, it becomes clearer and clearer that this thing is blowing up. Fauci, who clearly is greedy, wanting patents that will profit from selling more jabs, Is one of the monetarily interested people in this situation. (I personally think that he would not go after this for the purposes of money, of which he has a lot and not much time to spend it, but rather glory: he was the man who came up with the solution that stopped the pandemic dead. Too bad that he's just not that good of a scientist, although he seems to be very good at working as a bureaucrat.) if you've seen recent stock reports on Pfizer and Moderna, you'll see how much money they have made and project to make from the jabs.

It's pretty clear that with some of the billions earned from the germs, they could pay off the FDA to approve what has been the most deadly vaccines in US history, at least as reported in the VAERS database. However, those profits are also a target for other drug companies. If Merck is really working on a cure, that cure, if granted, would wipe out the justification for the US. That would lead to a tremendous profit from Merck, and a tremendous loss to Pfizer. It would also get Fauci out of his predicament: there would be no more jabbing because there's no approval, and so He can no longer ask people to get them. And companies can no longer mandate them. A Merck backer could pay off the FDA and get an EUA, especially a hedge fund long MRK and short PFE.

As I mentioned, I think he's not great as a scientist, but pretty good as a bureaucrat. He's looking for a way out. This might just do it for him. It's low probability, but not zero.
Bikemechanicdeux 3k posts, incept 2020-03-29
2021-08-08 09:26:35


I hope you received the new Email From Gary at TN Stands

Here is most of it for everyone to see. Note the last one too.

View this email in your web browser

Tennessee Stands
Executive Order 83 opens the door for the construction of temporary quarantine and isolation facilities in Tennessee.

Governor Bill Lee, with little fanfare, signed a new executive order on Friday, August 6th which may be the most bombastic yet, if not downright nefarious. And that is saying a lot considering that last year, the Governor signed orders issuing lockdowns and calling workers nonessential in addition to "encouraging" churches to remain closed.

But Executive Order 83 seems to fall right in line with the plans of the Biden Administration and sets the table in Tennessee for a healthritocracy (I totally made this word up) to literally take over state government and completely obliterate individual liberties here in our state.

Here are some of the highlights...

5. Behavioral health inpatient psychiatric residential, and crisis care staffing flexibility is permitted pursuant to an approved plan to relieve the capacity strain on certain staffing functions.

7. Health care student staffing flexibility is permitted in inpatient psychiatric and behavioral health settings pursuant to an approved plan to relieve the capacity strain on certain staffing functions.

8. Discretion to utilize National Guard and State Guard members in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations.

14. Telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases are permitted.

16. Medical laboratory directors can monitor facilities remotely.

18. Temporary quarantine and isolation facilities may be constructed.

19. Inspection of mental health and substance abuse facilities and services are suspended.

20. Health care licensing inspections and investigations are suspended to increases resources available to fight COVID- 19 and to protect public health.

21. Inspections of health care facilities are suspended.

Lets Hunt Some Orc.
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-08-08 09:27:03

Yeah, I saw it; it's a rehash of part of the original E/Os -- none of its new.

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Bikemechanicdeux 3k posts, incept 2020-03-29
2021-08-08 12:52:34

Perhaps, however what is Added in this new one looks very much like he is bowing down to the CDC concept of GREEN ZONES. It is on their website. I have found it through other sources. I cannot get into the CDC PDF link. I use a VPN and our govt no longer allows a VPN to access documents. How unsuspicious.

We need your IP (papers) please

Take you from your home, children, elderly, a whole list of reasons you cannot fight, because you know know the CDC can right law. For up to six months and perhaps more.

Our gov LEE is POS. He is a socialist communist sympathizer and right in line with "gulags" with Nat guard and State Guard around the temp facilities.

Lets Hunt Some Orc.
Mjc1960 358 posts, incept 2015-02-28
2021-08-10 10:56:09

This condition looks like what the spike protein is causing in some people.
Maybe all to varying degrees
Grf 1k posts, incept 2008-12-08
2021-08-15 19:54:08

In case anyone has been looking, automobile fatalities are way way up in 2021 - +21% versus previous years.

"Every time we on TF talk about God and gays, God frees a banker and gives him a bonus." --me
"Your farts are interstate commerce and if they want to stick a muffler up your ass they will do it." --B
Dpj 1 posts, incept 2021-08-02
2021-09-14 08:25:30

The story of the polio vaccine is compelling, and I haven't seen it elsewhere. For more on this topic from the CDC back when they had some integrity (1997):
On selective pressure of vaccines more generally, from the NIH in 2007:
"Vaccines exert strong selective pressures on pathogens, favouring the spread of antigenic variants."
Maddmaxx 1k posts, incept 2021-05-31
2021-09-14 10:48:24

@Dpj thanks for these. I particularly like the quote from NIH. Seems this quote can be cited to counter the bullshit that it is the unvaxxed causing the development of new strains.
Imhotep 1k posts, incept 2013-07-18
2021-09-21 16:40:57

Geert Vandenbossche response to recent "article"

Robc 76 posts, incept 2009-09-10
2021-09-26 16:21:01

My office of 50 has had 9 breakthrough infections in the last 2 weeks. It isn't sterilizing. I've interviewed a couple of them... they felt off for a few days, came to work the entire time, then had a couple bad days (went home and got tested) and it went away. We need mask mandates for the vaccinated only.
Cwatson1982 281 posts, incept 2017-05-07
2021-10-14 16:57:23

Did you catch this? Despite 40k cases a day, the majority of which are in the vaccinated, N antibodies are relatively flat. Not a great signal!
Tickerguy 202k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-10-14 16:58:25

Yep. You got nothing at all in systemic protection from the jab @Cwatson1982 which we knew but if you get infected AFTERWARD you STILL don't get N protection after being jabbed.

In other words "welcome to HELL, asshole."

"Perhaps you can keep things together and advance playing DIE games.
Or perhaps the truth is that white men w/IQs >= 115 or so built all of it and without us it will collapse."
Lemonaid 18k posts, incept 2008-01-20
2021-10-14 18:33:33

Wait, are we saying the jabbed who go onto being "breakthough" cases don't generate N antibodies?


"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of
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