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 Science Catches Up -- And Burns You All
Fredx 79 posts, incept 2019-01-01
2021-04-28 14:16:52

That is the Best Ticker Ever Karl.

For many years I would get a bad cold at least once a year, starting with a hellish sore throat for a couple days, which morphed into blowing my nose, dragging my ass, and feeling like shit for a month while I tried to carry on with my life. My brother said he could kill a cold in one day. He said to put on some socks, sweatpants and a shirt, crawl into bed and lay there for 24 hours, drink water and orange juice, and eat oranges.

One morning in 1996 I woke up with the hellish sore throat which meant another cold was coming. I decided to try his cold cure. I laid there feeling like absolute shit. Around 4 pm I felt a shiver go through my body that lasted for about 2 seconds. After a few minutes I realized that my body didn't ache, and my throat wasn't sore, and I didn't feel like shit anymore. I laid there for another half hour, but I felt so good that I got out of bed. I never got a cold that time.

A year later I got the same killer sore throat and achy body. So I crawled into bed and laid there with my water and oranges. This time I got the 2 second shiver at about 2 pm, and instantly felt better. So I got up and never got a cold that time either.

The amazing thing is that even though my activities and lifestyle didn't change for 20 years, I have never even had a sore throat or a cold since that day in 1997. I hope there was some immunity developed through this process, because I am counting on it to repel the Covid.
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