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User Info The Bill To Permanently Fix Health Care For All; entered at 2022-10-21 10:17:34
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Registered: 2022-10-21 nowhere why does it mater
This is delusional. People eat like shit, Don't realize that our food systems are poisoned. To buy straight from a farmer, "that' to expensive" meanwhile they get their starbucks, have their boats etc. They sit around on their fat ass get sick, watch TV dont do anything about their health then get sick and blame the medical system. You cant price what you charge duh.. everyone is different, a quick check up will run minimal 5 min, and detailed exam could last hours. Furthermore if a Dr. is contracted by any insurance company. They have to abide by the rules, they cant give you discount because thats fraud and you'll get jail time.. And because everyone wants their insurance to cover it.. you now have corporate healthcare. Yes, you people brought this on. So now you get timed visits, and if the Dr. is not productive enough doesnt write enough scripts guess what they get fired. The systems in place are because of you people. Take responsibility. Here is a simple fix, you ready.... Get rid of insurance. Refuse to pay it. Take that money save it use if for medical emergency. Meanwhile find a good Functional medicine Dr. who specializes in preventable disease, and learn how to fucking take care of yourself. Then if something happens you have that cash to pay for your emergency visit. There is your solution. The rest of that BS you were rambling on about upstream, is to fucking long and boring to read or comprehend, but it sounds like the rest of the finger pointing BS i have heard 1000 times. You are responsible for your own health. Don't want to work or pay for health care.. guess your gonna die. No one is responsible for you.
2022-10-21 10:17:34