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User Info The 28th Amendment; entered at 2022-07-12 11:28:47
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Probably one of your best articles and proposals.

One modest and serious suggestion that it include prohibiting dual citizenship for all. Countries are cultures and require loyalty and commitment.

Even though there are things which we have done, do and must do in the future as a world, it should be based in individual, autonomous cultures meeting and agreeing as sovereign groups with the approval of their own people. People need to feel and ought to feel secure in their culture and traditions to be willing to fairly and openly deal with other countries and their cultures.

I has been said that for a child to learn how to share, he must know what it is to possess. By extension adults who feel no rooted sense, fear and hate the influences of other cultures who do not respect boundaries. This whole one world crowd rightfully rubs people the wrong way for this reason.

Make people decide where they want to commit their loyalties and progeny, and they will respect others' lands and sense of same.

Too many Americans and other whites of the world have this mentality that it is just a matter of where one pays rent, thus a tenant mentality. Rather, there should be a sense that one is a guest at sufferance in another culture and trepidation to tread there. Perhaps Americans would not be so hated abroad (and let's not forget that other foreign travelers from white Anglo lands are equally despised for good reason on numerous occasions, Australians anyone?) if they have the mentality that they are visiting the equivalent of someone else's home.

The world is not your oyster goes a long way towards better relations and understandings as to why one's way of life has its benefits and appropriateness. It would stop this mentality that we should be one great big socialist world where we can all live like traveling Euro-trash and demand to have it as "good" as other countries.

We need a lot less world travel and a lot more home commitment. In our unique culture it actually gets more granular in that one's state, down to county and town are to feel unique and autonomous and not feel required to accept the influences of the outsider for the sake of it.

What do you think?
2022-07-12 11:28:47