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User Info The 28th Amendment; entered at 2022-07-12 01:27:29
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Registered: 2019-01-27 A Van down by the River

I'd suggest some other additions.

No new Law takes effect until SCOTUS review to determine if it is Constitutional.

Let's get rid of the insanely expensive cost of having any statute declared Unconstitutional via enactment followed by a long, drawn out, and costly route through every level of the Federal Courts. Have it reviewed BEFORE it takes effect.

The added bonus is that this will limit the number of new laws put into effect. Passing more laws won't speed up the review process. If anything it will slow it down or drag it out further into the future.

Another thought would be an Amendment to enable the Citizens and/or States to charge and convict Federal government folk of Unconstitutional nonsense outside the court system. Those convictions would not only lose the guilty party their position in the Federal government, but would also come with financial penalties and jail time.

I'm sure those could be polished up, but that's the gist of it.

2022-07-12 01:27:29