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User Info The 28th Amendment; entered at 2022-07-11 23:22:44
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Registered: 2014-01-09 Sydney Australia
Maybe I have lost and maybe I have not. If a significant percentage of certificates have a false entry and there are 30 million illegals in the country then there must be plenty of bastards out there who will someday seek high office. Again how do you PROOVE every candidate for high office is not the son or daughter of an illegal? So the bar for proof has to be at a reasonable height.
But as you rightly point out it is the intent that matters. I mean if you didnt know you were adopted and sought high office who here would say you are an unfit or unpatriotic candidate because your biological father might be a Canuck or whatever?
Plus what happens to those in high office who later find out they are eligible in theory to obtain foreign nationality? Happened here in Australia where a bunch of politicians fell foul of a High Court ruling and were expelled from parliament.
2022-07-11 23:22:44