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User Info The 28th Amendment; entered at 2022-07-11 19:13:50
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Registered: 2014-01-09 Sydney Australia
I understand your view TG and agree it isnt a RIGHT. But how can most mature adults PROOVE who their biological birth parents are?
FJBs parents are dead, not sure about cameltoes, Nancy has dead parents, probably the same for the next 10 in line for the presidency. Probably most in Congress, Senate, state governors etc have at least one dead parent.
Probably the same for possible runners in 2024.
My parents were cremated, so how would I PROOVE that they were my parents?
Even if both parents are alive they might object to genetic testing (Big Brother, data sent to China, my body my choice, medical privacy. etc).
And how would my kids or my brothers kids PROOVE who their father is as Im an identical twin?
Point is there has to be a practical way to permit those who should be eligible to run for office to qualify and rule out the rest.
Im not even sure rules like born on US soil work as babies are born in aircraft, ships, overseas military bases, embassies etc and there are plenty of cases where legal fictions are made (read the other day that in WW2 a Canadian hospital was temporarily made not a part of Canada so a Dutch royal giving birth would have a child not born in a foreign country becoming ineligible for succession, did that make the other babies born there stateless, Dutch or Canadian?
2022-07-11 19:13:50