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User Info The 28th Amendment; entered at 2022-07-11 17:52:10
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Registered: 2014-01-09 Sydney Australia
Not sure that nationality equals loyalty and nor does country of birth. Some of the most loyal people are foreign born, they knew what a shithole their old country was and are grateful for the opportunity of their new life.
Sometimes the rules countries place around nationalities leads to farces. For example I have a brother in law here in Australia who came from England aged 10, joined the RAN at 15, served in Vietnam, made countless world tours in the navy and after 20 years service left as a CPO, only then did he realise he would need to get Australian citizenship as a civilian to travel. Dumb requirements to get citizenship was to swear loyalty to the queen and promise to defend Australia (stupid to require either of an English born ex serviceman). Meanwhile at the same swearing ceremony were plenty of people with poor English after being here for 2 years and often they return to their home country knowing that their kids will automatically be Australian citizens even if they were born outside Australia and dont speak English.
And that gets to why TFs amendment doesnt work. Plenty of kids are born to citizens but they in no way regard themselves as actually of that country. They see themselves as Mexican or Pakistani or Indian and not as American or Australian or whatever.
How does any country grant citizenship can be a right mess as is what makes a person loyal either to their country of birth, the country they chose to live or the country in their passport.
2022-07-11 17:52:10