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User Info The 28th Amendment; entered at 2022-07-11 10:11:43
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Well @Ugrev, I can see that, BUT IMHO we don't need to go that far.

All you have to do is look at the number of Representatives and Senators who CURRENTLY have dual citizenship, whether exercised or not (e.g. a right to emigrate to another nation or reside there and in many cases they hold a Passport too.)

I had an uncle who held dual nationality with Britain and, at the time of my youth, he had to be quite careful when traveling as to which Passport he used where because it was very possible to wind up losing one of the two. We've since basically removed that, which for ordinary civilians is fine, but I'd argue he had no right to sit in the US House irrespective of the fact that he fought in WWII because he in fact had divided loyalty and used it (he managed a hotel in Bermuda for some time.)
2022-07-11 10:11:43