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User Info The Bill To Permanently Fix Health Care For All; entered at 2022-04-18 20:28:14
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Registered: 2021-01-22 Longboat Key, FL
@ Tickerguy
I tried to underline the point that my "customers" are patients and, in point of fact, no two are alike.
I am not selling goods which can be manufactured by machine that two of them are like twins: I am selling my training, my expertise, my time; a service, an art if you wish, to correct a problem, perhaps a defect, in a situation where no two are alike. If I treated patients in that manner, I don't know that I could ever sleep at night.
That's one of the joys of treating a human being: no two are ever alike: even twins.
BTW: if you're ever in the area, I'll be happy to buy you a drink and we can discuss this faccia a faccia over several hours. Right now I'm displacing my daughter who's visiting us: the "computer room" doubles as a guest room.
OTOH when I get it back, I'll continue to discuss why medical care cannot be placed on the same level as manufactured goods.
2022-04-18 20:28:14