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User Info Reality vis-a-vis Energy And The Economy; entered at 2022-01-04 10:17:06
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"That the eco-weenies aren't serious is reflected in the subsidy of electric transportation . . . instead of a crash program to insulate the living hell out of houses so as to cut energy expenditures. "

Agree totally.
I "attended" via Zoom, purely as an observer, a meeting of our local "100 Renewables by 2030" group. All the talk was of EVs and solar panels. Great for those who can afford them, plus get state subsidies for their vehicular and residential upgrades (of course all taxpayers subsidize these Bright Greens, as the author Derrick Jensen calls them in his book Bright Green Lies).

But my main point: No mention of conservation. No mention of Lovins's "negawatts"---the cheapest, most easily "created" power. Frequent mentions by the "2030" group of "your washer-dryer." Dryers are the biggest waste of energy in the average home. Someone who is serious about the environment would not be prioritizing running a dryer to create a hot wind to dry clothes---when a clean wind is blowing outdoors! Oh, and of course if you have a gas range you must buy a crappy new electric range that is not even any good for cooking on. But, main point again: more total energy and resources used to gear up for all electric. Not to mention the costs of disposing of the old appliances. And on and on . . . These people are the ones pushing offshore wind to run their green dreams, which will industrialize a large portion of our "marine back yard."

Jensen also points out that wind and solar do not "generate" electricity, but "harvest" energy, which itself can affect climate (esp. I believe harvesting the energy from wind). A 2018 article has also raised this point ( But I have not yet gotten to that point in Bright Green Lies to learn about it in detail.
2022-01-04 10:17:06