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User Info Reality vis-a-vis Energy And The Economy; entered at 2022-01-04 08:33:43
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Drifter wrote..
Wish we could get some European cars over here. Drove a VW Up, diesel, for two weeks. My god what a fun car and the MPG was insane-- 55mpg.

Friend's daughter drives a 2013ish diesel Chevy Cruze. He spent about $3K to uncork it -- tune, no DPF, no SCR / DEF -- she regularly sees 70+ MPG on her highway commutes. But we're in FL where you can still get away with that. Heck, his Chevy 2500 pickup will manage 50s on the highway. I wish I could get something like that into our Jeeps. It's a shame what the econazis have done to diesel power.

2022-01-04 08:33:43