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User Info Reality vis-a-vis Energy And The Economy; entered at 2022-01-03 19:27:18
Posts: 4
Registered: 2021-12-21
Peak oil, "ice age is coming"!
"The fuckin rain Forest is disappearing by 250,000 acres a year", followed by a million acres a year!

All 1970's environmental-case horseshit!

Hop along to the 90's... "the earth is warming"!
Al Gore effs people in the A,( let's forget about his jet and or his big ass electric bill) somewhere about 5-8 years ago the global warming will cause an ice age...

It's all total bullshit!

I say let's all head to a swamp next spring and stomp the fuck out of some frogs and then see if the area does just fine this year, let's build a bridge in said sawmp n see if the wild life actually gives a shit or two.

Oh, oh but look we can do anything we wish as long as we agree to pay other humans money.

Ice age, heating up no matter just pay some rich people some money oh and the government don't forget your ignorant face diaper and you can do anything!

Say you too might be able to start some one's house because you're wealthy and you think their house pollutes too much!!

2022-01-03 19:27:18