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User Info Reality vis-a-vis Energy And The Economy; entered at 2022-01-03 19:15:26
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Registered: 2021-12-05
Not only does Net Zero carbon violate the Laws of Thermodynamics.
It breaks the laws of supply and demand.
I have posted before that there is simply not enough raw materials being produced at todays numbers for the developed world go green. Cant be done. Many New mines must be brought on line to achieve the Net Zero so called "Goal".
Just copper and silver alone. The world would need to double production by 2030 to even start to meet the demands of EV production, and build the electrical infrastructure needed to support Zero Carbon. Then you have bans on natural gas heat. That means more demand on the electrical grid to run heat pumps, electric heaters, air conditioning, ect. All of this crap takes metal. Lots of metal.
Copper production from existing mines is set to go into deficit in 2025. The largest copper mines in the world are running out of cheap to produce high grade ore.
Mined silver, needed for solar panels, controls, solid state, Batteries, ect. It already in deficit. Mined silver does not quite meet today's demand. The shortfall is made up with recycled silver. Much of the silver produced in the world today is a byproduct of copper mining. Without an increase in copper mining. Silver production will decrease.
Mining is met with hostility here in North America. By the time an new mine makes its way through the courts and protests. It can take 20 years from discovery to production.
Mining in other countries has its problems too. With the Nationalizations, closings, and high taxation of mines in Socialist countries, like what is happening in South America. Production will fall. In the unstable third world you have extortion by armed militias, and the possibility of a shooting war breaking out on mine properties.
Mining companies are reluctant to go in, spend billions, and develop new mines that they might have to write off.
Metal production is a dirty, polluting business. It consumes huge amounts of energy, from ore extraction, to the finished product.
Without metals and a massive increase in mining. Net Zero ain't happening folks. I have yet to see a copper tree.

2022-01-03 19:15:26