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User Info Once Upon A Time...; entered at 2021-09-24 13:12:38
Posts: 17
Registered: 2021-04-25 Indiana
Everytime I see new information on how much easier it would have been to treat the Coof rather than to inject the poison I think it cannot get any more ridiculous. Thanks for this info. Been on allergra for awhile due to allergies and have some zyrtec and claritin but need to check to make sure they have not expired.

The sheep are in such a bubble and have internalized all the defensive mechanisms to be blind to the truth and yet they believe we do not believe in science. I have almost given up trying to convince my family and friends as many think my arguments must be "misinformation". This "Doctor" is screwed physically from her first shot and has interacted with others badly impacted from the jabs, but still remains pro jab.

I think while the elite are concerned about us non GMO type humans, I think it is people like this mother who they ought to really be afraid of. As Karl says, you only pay for the first murder, the rest are free. Via Ann:
2021-09-24 13:12:38