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User Info Once Upon A Time...; entered at 2021-09-24 07:32:32
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Registered: 2017-06-27
my barber, great guy, 60s, marathon runner, got this thing early last year. Wrote here previously that he had to pressure his doctor over a video chat to give him Azithromycin either alone or in some combination (i forget). He also took a mild nasal decongestant. Fine in a few days with the lower, right lung pain going away in a few more days after that. His doctor cautioned him to not take the antibiotics, advice that he ignored.

This guy does not take any medicine regularly nor does he pop a pill for just anything. Great example.

Just love how the medical world likes to complicate things. They tried the same shit with my condition and did not succeed. Somehow they nearly always manage to make things worse or chronic. Not some conspiracy, just the way that they think. The whole thing is geared away from seeking minimalist and mild solutions and ... thinking.
2021-09-24 07:32:32