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User Info There's An Off Ramp - But It Has A Price; entered at 2021-09-05 11:25:51
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Registered: 2011-03-24 Washington, DC
I am thinking to where are we 12 months from now. Several data sets will become known have played out over more time. We will have more time exposure data to the vaccines vs natural immunity. I think with the data we are currently seeing we know it should be heading to natural better than jab.

Ivermectin & HCQ use which has shown good results will have more data to back up we had the therapeutics to beat the WuFlu and billions of dollars spent for development were basically wasted. Masks and shutdowns are just feel good measures. A well maintained immune system cannot be replaced with feel good measures and bad science/medicine.

Harri/Biden/Harris will have screwed up this country so bad we will be in serious economic trouble. Not that we arent already, but the band aid borrowing measures have stopped working and are blowing up.

The 2020 election audits conducted will have released enough evidence there was enough fraud to flip the electoral college and popular vote. While the WuFu fiasco should be enough to put a large number of public officials (elected &unelected) in prison, the economic damage along with the fraud to allow it to happen maybe enough to cause wide spread mistrust of our elite class and the oligarchy created by the corruption. The corrupt media will be disgraced and the main offenders will be permanently out of business. The distrust will turn Jan 6th more of a patriotic event than be treated as an illegal insurrection.

I dont know if it will happen, but something needs to wake up about 1/3 to 1/2 of the population who still think Biden/Harris and the Dems are not the evil party. There are plenty of people in that group who are so brain dead and brainwashed they are irreversibly broken. There are many Reps that need to be included in with the Dems. Hopefully we arent dumbed down enough (we are close now) to see the truth of the amount of corruption plaguing govt at all levels. The Constitution isnt the issue the people misusing it are the problem.
2021-09-05 11:25:51