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User Info There's An Off Ramp - But It Has A Price; entered at 2021-08-31 15:56:36
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@Karl -- Someone mentioned a Pulitzer should be awarded to you for this piece and I wholeheartedly agree even though you'd probably tell them to take that prize and shove it up where sun don't shine! haha
It was so good that I sent it to my already deathstabbed family with this note:

"The following essay was recently written by a man whom I have known of and followed for several years. He has written extensively about the C19 and subsequent vaccines from the start of all of it in early 2020. I have provided his latest essay here along with several supporting documents. While you all vehemently disagree with me on all of it, Id encourage that this be read along with the support documents in an interest to at the very least, understand my stance on anything C19 related. It will upset each of your worldviews on this stuff so try to keep an open and discerning mind.
I love each of you with all my heart and hope that you will take the time to go through this. I am not stupid. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I simply have long held doubts with mainstream news and seek a full understanding of things which includes reading available information from multiple outlets and with multiple viewpoints. This here is one of the best Ive come across lately."

My main reason for sending it to them is to make them think before they all go get that 3rd deathstab. Hopefully they decide not to. I doubt they'll be swayed but maybe it will give them pause.
2021-08-31 15:56:36