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User Info Simply Put: FUCK YOU; entered at 2021-08-23 22:28:17
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$25-30, reads in 10-15 minutes.

Since it also reads IgM it should pick up a recent infection (within the previous 2-3 weeks) where IgG might not. My last IgG test had a VERY weak positive read, but I did run it a bit early AND technically the test was expired (although they were sealed pouches, so exactly how far beyond "expired" they still work nobody really knows.)

I decided to go ahead and get the Antibody test, and it turned up negative.
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But The tech,young man in his '30s, that gave me the test was a breath of fresh air. When I told him why I wanted the test because of what happened last month.

When I explained to him the unfolding of events he said that there were many reports whose symptoms exactly matched mine. So it looks like you were right that it might be a variant even the OC43 virus. But it turned out not to be Covid-19.

When I explained to the tech what happened and then told him that I took Ivermectin, I expected him to scold me. But he agreed with me and said he believes as I do that it can be effective. They even dispense Ivermectin at that particular pharmacy.

We had a great discussion and he pretty much would feel right at home with the people who frequent this thread.

One thing that really hit me hard, was when he said with a kind of a sigh in his voice, was that he wished that what he was doing, by vaccinating people wasn't going to hurt them in the long run. And he was very sincere and sad that it might.

But it was an easy test to get and cost $25 and only took 15 minutes and the results were available. So of anybody wants to find out for sure if you have the Covid-19 antibodies, go ahead and take the test.

2021-08-23 22:28:17