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There are a LOT of respiratory viruses, including FOUR that are coronaviruses and commonly circulate. OC43 is going around this year, for example.

The only way to KNOW, unless you got one of the atypical symptoms or know who the index was (and THEY in turn were both atypically symptomatic) is to go have an IgG antibody screen run in a couple of weeks. If its positive, even weekly-so, you had it.

Thanks for the info.
I'm due for my annual Medicare Wellness Exam (70+) at the end of the month at a local Hospital. It will be interesting to see what they say when I tell them I'm not jabbed. Wonder what the reaction will be?

I'll see if they have an IgG antibody screen test, if not there is a local Supermarket/Pharmacy that will do it. (Smiths/Kroeger) I'm going to drop by this afternoon and see what's up with what they have to offer, and what the cost might be.

It looks like it's a pretty quick exam. If I wanted to I could have booked an appointment today 1-1/2 hours from now on their website. From what I could gather from the web site, it's a finger jab, and 15-30 minutes later you have the result.

I'll report back with what turned up.

2021-08-22 15:40:05