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User Info Simply Put: FUCK YOU; entered at 2021-08-21 18:47:14
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Registered: 2020-03-02 South Texas
Thanks for another REAL info ticker and all the comments here.
While making the rounds to stores today getting canned meat wifey and I use and will use later at today's pricing, a friend texted me the "IVERMECTIN WARNING" bullshirt that is magically all over the news and internets. Texted him back saying:

"Welcome to the USSA where survivors are now forced to use vet meds to survive"

On a good note, he found one local doc with some clues who does prescribe "human" ivermectin. I still may invest in CSV, SCI, HI, and STON(funeral-related companies) for what increasingly seems to be in our future thanks to the fuckheads "in charge". If work mandates the clotshots after the Fake Drug Approvers bless the clotshots, Plan B and C go live similar to Susanlauren has done....except I'll wait to be forced out.
2021-08-21 18:47:14