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User Info Simply Put: **** YOU; entered at 2021-08-21 18:47:14
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Thanks for another REAL info ticker and all the comments here.
While making the rounds to stores today getting canned meat wifey and I use and will use later at today's pricing, a friend texted me the "IVERMECTIN WARNING" bullshirt that is magically all over the news and internets. Texted him back saying:

"Welcome to the USSA where survivors are now forced to use vet meds to survive"

On a good note, he found one local doc with some clues who does prescribe "human" ivermectin. I still may invest in CSV, SCI, HI, and STON(funeral-related companies) for what increasingly seems to be in our future thanks to the ****heads "in charge". If work mandates the clotshots after the Fake Drug Approvers bless the clotshots, Plan B and C go live similar to Susanlauren has done....except I'll wait to be forced out.
2021-08-21 18:47:14