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User Info Simply Put: FUCK YOU; entered at 2021-08-21 17:00:04
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I keep thinking of the eminent mandates once they "approve" the vaxes and how that will enable additional businesses, schools, gov., and others to join in the "fun" since "hey, they're FDA approved so we're off the hook for liability". About the only group left that they can't arm twist are medium and small business which was the hardest hit with all the lockdown stupidity. I think I posted that short video of Gates reaction to the question of taking away Social Security as well as other benefits like food stamps etc. and you notice while watching him acknowledge that show this creepy evil smile. I'm guessing he sucks at poker as well. If you take all of those together, that's a large part of the population that you can coerce.

Thankfully, I think some folks are waking up. I have a wife of a family member who got both doses of Pfizer last month to be able to go on a cruise with "the girls" and didn't tell he husband she did it until last week and of course he's fit to be tied. Now that they've announced boosters, she realized she f'd up and has not plans for any more. The timing of them announcing needing a booster after 8 months I expect to wake up more. The challenge is dealing with the pressure. For instance, my 20yo is at a private university here in Florida and I was prepared to go legal if the pulled that shit like Quinipiac or others. I expect the shoe to drop for him, but in his case he had an ischemic stroke when he was 15 (fully recovered - very lucky) and then got myocarditis at 17 so I'm banking on a medical exemption for him. I think if the local school board this to do this and force my 16yo daughter, I foresee a lot of parents out for scalps if they try. Me, I'm with KD - f'em.

On another note, I keep thinking about that St. Jude study I posted about a week or so ago. Publius pointed it out, but the T-cell immunity of the 10 patients who already had natural immunity and then got the jab. Of course, I wondered why didn't they have a control group of NI only and realized, it's a hospital - all will submit to the jab or else. However if they had a control group, it would've been interesting to compare the changes in the N and S T-Cell's of an NI only group vs. the 10 suckers in Figure 7. The conclusion is we don't won't know unless they look at an outside group of NI's and also go back for a 3rd sample of the Jabbed NI's. However, what's still bugging me is if you look at the ratio of S T-cells to T-cells over time, even of just these 2 samples taken, you notice that 7 of the 10 subject (figure S7) are all trending and tending to favor more Spike T-cells and fewer Nucleocapsid ones. You would expect that since they just pumped you up to make more S with the shot. The only outliers are R4 and R7 where they declining N T-cells are depleting in more of a linear fashion than the rest. What struck me is R9, the only one sampled 7 days post full vax and 54 days later. I don't see any N T-cells post 54 days. Does this mean they lost all of their N t-cell immunity? Hard to say, but with further sampling, we would be better able to say for certain. We all know that'll probably never happen or if it did, the data is "lost", but it sure looks like R9 is in the same boat with the virus naive/vaxed bunch. It also would be interesting if any of this group gets a breakthrough infection and recovers to see where the balance of N/S T-cell are then.

If I had my tin hat on, I'd say this forcing the NI recovered to get vaxed is on purpose since they refuse to accept NI despite all the papers now out coupled with the recent "fake" one showing the opposite from the WHO, but of course they have 1000 excuses why this was not investigated I'm sure.

note: didn't see the junk on the last line and deleted it.

One other item. Look at the time sampling differences between R9 and the rest. R9 is further out post vax as well.

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