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Here is a follow-up video by Kate Dalley to the video I posted above, verifying all that TG says about avoiding hospitals:

She says the most important thing to do if you find yourself in a hospital is "grow a backbone!"

One way to gain leverage over the hospital that she mentions is to demand they provide a "Patient Bill of Rights," which will reinforce that the patient is in charge.

She also describes this piece of leverage that I was unaware of (in the first video):

"You can threaten to take them out on hospice. That means oxygen and staff come to your home. Usually just the threat of that will get them to listen to you. If you did do that- take them out on hospice- I would get them to an IV infusion clinic ( they are everywhere) and get them the vitamins listed above in high dose. You dont need a doctor. You dont need a scrip. You can get to these clinics daily. Its about 100$ to get this. It would help a lot more than the hospital just watch them go down hill."

She also had this to say:

"We told the doctor to switch the steroid to Budenoside instead of Dex. They gave my husband Budenoside every 6 hours instead of every 12 hours and halfed the amount of Dex they were giving him. Dex has a lot of side effects and raises the blood sugar in epic proportions. So at least the only gave him half of the Dex they normally use. Budenoside is safer snd better- and on page 205 of their own disastrous protocol- they cite Budenoside as being amazing and it works- but halted the study due to not enough patients? What a joke. It even said it kept people out of the hospital. But, The Lancet in July came out with an article that stated it was the silver bullet. The game changer. And they were switching over to this steroid in the UK. Dr. Richard Bartlett of Texas said it was the game changer in his clinic in June of 2020 and they tried to shame him for promoting it. I found that anything that works- the hospitals dont want you to use it."

I recommend visiting her website and reading the show notes. Good stuff, plus a reprint of the protocols that treated her husband.
2021-08-21 15:33:45