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User Info Simply Put: FUCK YOU; entered at 2021-08-21 10:59:39
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@Invisiblesun. There is a hard push to whittle away at the numbers of unvaxxed. I am wondering how the multi tiered society these bastards are working to create is going to work out for them (and for all of us). I am curious as to where the percentages will fall out - completely unvaxxed, one vaxx only, two vaxxed and two vaxxed with all recommended booster vaxxed. Numbers matter and this COVID and vaxx mandate stuff is about to get very messy.

Slo Joe is apparently mandating the vaxx for staff of nursing homes that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding. If that happens, can you imagine the staffing shortages that are about to be unleashed? What is the demographics of these workers (i.e., people of color perhaps)?

At this point I don't know how a pile of dead bodies (if that happens) will impact things. I would like to think people will wake up to what is happening. Or will the unvaxxed be blamed for the deaths of the vaxxed due to ADE, OAS and leaky vaxx mutations no matter the data or the evidence? "People are dying because the unvaxxed refuse to do the right thing to protect their community."

I don't like where any of this leads. Welcome to chaos and welcome to hell.
2021-08-21 10:59:39