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User Info Simply Put: FUCK YOU; entered at 2021-08-21 09:37:15
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@Fredlocal - There are two mechanisms for ADE, both related but distinct.

The first is where the antibodies simply are all binding either due to mutational mismatch or simply the nature of the virus in question. This was what derailed attempts to produce both RSV and coronavirus vaccines in the past, and has bedeviled attempts at Dengue as well.

The reason the vax makers used only the "S" protein was their BELIEF that this would evade the problem. They had no proof of that and in fact scant animal and in-vitro evidence, but that's what they went with and then looked for signals in the (short) trials. That part looked good at the time.

But there's a second, nasty way that ADE happens. As antibody titers wane they may not do so evenly. Mutational mismatch makes this dangerous because the neutralizing portion may wane faster than the binding portion. At some point there's enough binding antibody remaining that you get fucked because the neutralizing titer is too low to help, but the binding enhances the infection. This is almost as bad as the first form but it's very hard to detect without extensive trials over time against the wild virus, and challenge trials in humans are never approved because if you do them and get hit with this you will kill a huge percentage of the subjects, thus you'll never get ethical approval to do them.

There is ANECDOTAL evidence that this is showing up RIGHT NOW in a small percentage of people who got jabbed. It's not conclusive but the signal is there, and it's alarming as Hell. Figuring out WHO is in that bucket and potentially at risk, and whether there is stratification we can predictively use, had better be done -- FAST -- because there are over 150 million Americans who are potentially at risk of this happening to them.
2021-08-21 09:37:15