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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-05 14:19:41
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Just another anecdote, but I find it interesting...

A friend and several members of her family went to a large wedding (around 150 in attendance from all over the country) in California a couple of weeks ago. From what she said, all had been vaccinated. I don't know how she knows this unless they had to show records at the door, but nevertheless, her daughter and son in law both got sick and tested positive a few days after returning home. It turns out that, last I heard, over 20 people came up positive from the event, all jabbed. It may be more now, not sure. They felt that since they were jabbed, they ended up less ill than if they had not been. How in the world do they know that, I wonder??

And yet, she's still glad she got the shot, and continues to wear a mask to the grocery store. I gave up long ago on trying to get these sheep to look at what is really going on.
2021-08-05 14:19:41