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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-03 12:40:32
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@Robackrman - Yep.

The problem with the data as it stands is that it appears to show several things:

1. The jabs wear off FAST. Six months or so, to be precise, and they're basically useless.

2. There MAY be residual priming left when they wear off. This is neither proved or excluded by the existing data that has been publicly released. It is strongly suggested, however, by the emergence of "super-spreading" vaccinated people, which we now know is real and documented.

In short the jabs were wildly oversold, especially to those who are most at-risk. What we also do not know is whether the adverse effect risk "resets" with time. This could have already been tested for (since there ARE places that have spread out the 1st/2nd doses and thus the data DOES EXIST) but without mandatory data collection and reporting so that the "voluntary" nature of things like VAERS is not in play you simply can't be sure.

If it does NOT reset then there is some number of jabs for any person, at any level of underlying Covid risk, where the jab becomes more dangerous than infection. For healthy people of any age this already appears to be true even with the initial series, but if there is no "reset" then ultimately that bracket creep on the adverse event side will encompass everyone.
2021-08-03 12:40:32