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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-03 12:37:37
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Berenson still suspended but his latest email just popped into my account. On the latest Israeli data:

"And though we cannot be sure what will happen next, it is worth noting that rates of serious illness among the vaccinated are now as high as they were among the unvaccinated only TWO WEEKS AGO. Perhaps thats why the Israeli government is now predicting a further quadrupling of new serious cases by the end of August:

A quadrupling would represent 800 serious cases, approaching the peak of the winter surge (which was itself probably FUELED by a spike in cases following the first vaccine dose) - and far more than at this time last year.

And remember, Israel CANNOT BLAME THE UNVACCINATED FOR THIS SPIKE - around 85 percent of adults over 30 are fully vaccinated. Thats well above the range experts said would provide herd immunity.

And yet instead of pulling back and at least considering a pause on vaccinations as it digests the disaster of the last month, Israel is going the other way - pushing a third dose on the elderly. Meanwhile the cry to mandate or quasi-mandate vaccinations in the United States is only getting louder.

What on earth is going on?"

He makes a point that needs to be spread to the masses, as it dispels still another claim they made, that herd immunity could be established by vaccinating people. You can point to the other smaller countries in Europe (Malta, Gibraltar) that have even higher vaccination rates and yet have had big outbreaks this summer.

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