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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-03 11:47:58
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this article reminds me of something that i mentioned to Karl a long time ago and studied in the online world from the earliest days of the internet. Actually it existed long before the consumer or really any internet. Here goes.

I am not the only person who knows how to do CTRL-S. Huh?

Years ago people would for their own often noble reasons expend major effort, resources and risk themselves to thoroughly and respectably investigate a matter and propose explanations and solutions. The media mavens of the times whether they be radio, TV, talkshows or papers of record would most of the time ignore them and continue their subsidized path often only acknowledging the alternative (before this word got co opted) in the pejorative.

These people would find audience in odd places such as late night talk radio, niche media and later the internet. The old mavens would have formalized procedures for following them and documenting their work while pillorying them in public.

Then at some point the audience of the mavens would demand answers having been seeded by alternative media. Like the saying goes, "One plays to his audience," the mavens knew when to shift with the work done for them.

During the early days of the internet up to a decade ago i could predict what would be on FOX news national by a particular online publisher that Karl does not like mentioned, so i will not. Does not deny what i documented.

This is why i refused to grant interviews over the years, and will not do any online work that requires major effort outside of fun unless i am making money immediately and at a satisfactory level. Why work for these assholes for free and take abuse. People like to say, "Oh you should do this or that, write this or that ...," and, what? To long term benefit people who do at best nothing for one's interests and tolerate negative expediences too?

it also helps when one has contacts in media who explain how formalized the process is of researching and documenting alternative investigations and ideas keeping them on file until necessary. People worry about media and agents infiltrating forums and debate to shift it somehow. How about wondering if they are taking.

Then each and every person is so thrilled when the old mavens of media start publishing the actual facts of their life's work and that of others. They get recognized. Yet, none dares snap back at the media mavens and call them to the carpet for their previous opinions and lack of coverage. Who also gets paid?

This crisis mess will be over and resolve itself. They always do. What would prevent us from living with the long term risks and costs will be a recognition of the following.

In a short while Twitter will be hosting all sorts of truth regarding this COVID-BS mess and even the economics as will facebook stop censoring. YouTube will have full documentaries and no censorship. The aforesaid will combine this with letting the truth out in the way that best serves the power structure, but virtually all of the fighters for truth will not see it.

The only solution to the above is that people punish these mavens for what they did, and never go back to the media mavens. If you want to ensure this result, everyone who is being censored now, delete these accounts and subscriptions to never go back, and spend life reminding the world of where media stood just a few months prior.

Guaranteed that no person will do this. Being accepted is too tempting.

As an aside, if a person is injured by this scandal, become very aware and astute as to what methods of rectification best serve the power structure and position yourself in the torrent of money that will go by you. Your economic survival could depend upon it, seriously.
2021-08-03 11:47:58