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User Info Well, Duh. This Is Why It Was Stupid; entered at 2021-08-02 22:17:50
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I bought some Quercetin/Bromalin today. I got my ammo stocked up and going to the horse store next. Texas has backed off the masks so far. They should require the up the ass instead of on the face anyhow, if they do, as I suspect they might work better and do less harm. People might ask questions then. 2 years of this millions will die from respiratory problems from breathing their own shit.

It is time for me to get off my ass and find some allies, for a show of force. In the meantime, it appears the politicians and health authorities are card carrying NAZI's. This is much deeper than jabs. It is genocidal control. You can fight back, if you are sick and might not even care to fight, if you are dying. I wish I had telepathy to a few million people. I have a long list of people and organizations that should be tried and hung.

Someone mentioned the courts. Dr. Peter McCollough said he had a hard time finding lawyers to do work for him. It might be time to disbar the entire group and start over, if there are no lawyers, with guts left. You are lucky, if the one you pay several hundred dollars an hour don't fuck you worse than you are. The emergency rule should be rolled back and maybe some people will take this as a lesson it should never be allowed again. They have used war and emergency to destroy the Bill of Rights, since 1917.

There has to be a severe penalty for these liars. Hanging is too good for them A leper colony, on a far off rock, might be right on. Drop half the food they need and plenty of guns and bullets. Survival of the fittest. Adjust the food supply downward, with population. Make certain there are plenty of Karen's there as well. The choice between sex and peace will be a hard one.
2021-08-02 22:17:50