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User Info Science Catches Up -- And Burns You All; entered at 2021-05-31 08:44:26
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With 10 pages of comments, I doubt Karl will actually see this but I thought it interesting and worth throwing out there. Copied/paste from a comment from a not to be named website of (near) Zero value. Presented for your general enlightenment. Applies to air travel I suspect??

COVID-19s Impact on Cruise Ships

Its all about toilets, vacuum toilets. Vacuum toilets on ships were introduced by Electrolux Marin in 1970. I knew the inventor Joel Liljendahl and build most of the equipment for installation on ships. Prior to vacuum system, gravity sewage pipes of steel were used and modern cruisers would sink. Today plastic pipes are used and often placed up in the ceiling, no gravity.

Vacuum toilets use air as medium and the sewage is transported as aerosol. In the collecting tanks most of the waste water is separated but some follow the air to the outlet, usually locate high above deck in mast or funnel. As service engineer I saw some misshapes when at general cleaning, personal throw soap water in the toilets. There where soap bubbles all over the whole ship. When the patent expired around 1980, Wersil OY, EVAC AB, JETS AS and others started to make equipment for marine vacuum systems. On their websites you cant find much about exhaust but a lot about environment and green agendas.

Covid-19 is spread via aerosols and longer the 2 meter as WHO says. More than 10% of Covid victims have strong infectious diarrhea and on a ship with 6000 passenger there are a lot of flushing in the morning. Each flush use 100 liter of air, 6000 x 100 = 600 cubic meters of possible infected air. For more see more on YouTube, when Covid hit the fan, Covhitfan.
2021-05-31 08:44:26