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User Info Psychotics? Yep - Created And Fed; entered at 2021-05-26 19:29:53
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@Omegapoint - Nobody will permit advertising of any sort associated with Covid facts. You can only run "approved" messages related to it, whether it be treatments or vaccines.

Thus there were two choices, really: Stop all advertising, permanently, which means even the small amount of revenue generated (basically enough to pay for the SSL certificates, hosting and a small amount of replacement hardware on this end for backup purposes and similar) AND force Sarah's stuff off my pages as well (as they'd come after HER too) or do this. They can't bitch now because the ads never appear on those articles. The problem with blacking them out just for those articles on the main page (which I can do, and is easy) is that then the "newspaper" front page format, which displays multiple articles on the top, can't include those at all, and they wind up basically "off the page entirely."

This was the best answer under the circumstances.

As for vaccinating into an active epidemic all vaccines temporarily redirect the immune system while they build the antibody titer and thus suppress response during that window to any disease. In addition an insufficient titer can result in enhanced infection and frequently does, so getting infected within that period of time can be catastrophically bad for the poor bastard who has it happen to them. We've known this for decades, which is why we don't wait for the measles to show up before giving kids the measles vaccine; stabbing them in the middle of an outbreak could be catastrophic, as measles kills about 1-2/1,000 people who get it. Taking that infection immediately after being vaccinated could easily double the death rate or more.
2021-05-26 19:29:53