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User Info Psychotics? Yep - Created And Fed; entered at 2021-05-24 19:17:06
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I know Covaxin probably does fuck-all for durable covid immunity

One of the papers which was discussed here recently suggested that exposure to the nucleocapsid is key for durable immunity. Whether Covaxin prompts that or not is of course not proven yet.

The efficacy from late-stage trials of Covaxin on nearly 26,000 participants will become clearer between March and October 2021, which is the efficacy readout timeline set for the vaccine as per the design of the trial.

The inactivated platform is proven, and the technology allows the vaccine to target various components of the virus, like the membrane glycoprotein and nucleoprotein, in addition to the spike protein, Dr Ella said.

Many people are (targeting) the spike protein. If spike protein doesnt work, what will happen...then the nucleocapsid (protein shell of the virus that encloses its genetic material) also can take over the responsibility of vaccine response. And that is why we are confident this (Covaxin) will also protect against any UK mutant strains.

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