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User Info Psychotics? Yep - Created And Fed; entered at 2021-05-23 22:11:20
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It appears I have become a modern day prophet. Within the next few weeks I will know if I still have a job. I am in a critical position and my employer will be in a world of hurt if they fire me. They are in a catch 22 because my state (Ohio) has just recently released guidelines that simultaneously allow for mask exemptions but if a non-vaxxed person elects the mask exemption, then they are required to maintain six feet distancing. My employer just put into place a policy that entirely does away with any distancing, room capacity and meeting number limitations. Their solution is that non-vaxxed employees are to wear a mask. Apparently it never occurred to them that someone might choose not to get the vax (i.e., history of severe allergic reactions among a myriad of other very good reasons) and would also have a basis for not wearing the mask. I fall squarely within the mask exemption criteria and I will be insisting upon it. Simply put I cannot breathe with the mask and having an employee collapse at work (seriously and literally) is not good optics. My employer is also insisting upon in office work after having a considerable number of their staff (myself included) work from home. At this time they are encouraging the vax but not mandating it. I plan to dump the entire mess back into their laps. "Tell me how you would like to handle this situation." I am dumbfounded that their legal counsel did not anticipate this situation and it may be that I am the only employee out of 1400 people who pulled up the statewide public health order and actually read it. If I need to walk away, I will do that. My life and my health are worth much much more than any job. And by the way Ohio Govorner DeWine can take his "vaxx a million campaign" and shove it up his ass. If I need to leave, I am sure I will have no difficulty finding work.
2021-05-23 22:11:20