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User Info Science Catches Up -- And Burns You All; entered at 2021-04-29 09:17:21
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Our Asshat Gov Cooper held a news conference yesterday. I almost couldn't make it through with all of the lies and propaganda being spewed. I could easily tell they are panicked that the rate of people getting in line to get the jab has slowed wayyyy down. They're now talking about "campaigns" to get people vaccinated. Bitch please. No "campaign" you do will be enough for me to get that toxic, unhealthy shot in my body.

I also shared this ticker on my FB wall... I have 1k+ friends. It got two "laughs" and the following comment:
Idiot FB friend wrote..
The thing is, everyone reacts differently to the virus. Some people are totally fine, and some people, like my dad, are completely consumed by it and pass away. In my opinion, wearing a mask is simply a way of saying, I respect your health as much as I respect my own. Lets take care of each other and get through all of this mess together instead of letting it tear us apart.

My guess is she didn't even bother reading the whole thing, just stopped at the mask discussion. You would think she'd be furious at losing her dad when she didn't have to. I highly doubt he was given ivermectin or budesonide and instead was left to watch his oxygen deplete until he died.

As for respecting her health as much as my own... I'd rather wear a damn sticker than a disgustingly unhealthy face diaper. And that should be MY choice, not hers.
2021-04-29 09:17:21