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User Info Science Catches Up -- And Burns You All; entered at 2021-04-28 18:01:52
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The unvaccinated will not die if they are young and healthy, get sunshine in the summer and take Vitamin D3 the rest of the year.

As for unvaccinated older and high-risk people such as myself, we should be fine so long as we follow the prophylactic protocol for high-risk persons, and if we do get sick, get early treatment!

If our local doctors insist on following the homicidal NIH guidelines and refuse to prescribe what we need, we turn to telemedicine providers:

Nobody needs to die of this f***ing disease, and that has been known, though the knowledge has been criminally suppressed, since nearly a year ago. Don't buy the lie that this disease is a death sentence.

Dr. Ryan Cole (at the first link), Dr. Pierre Kory (leader of the group at the second link), Dr. Peter McCullough (see and others all have stories to share of elderly, diabetic, obese Covid victims who were successfully treated. Numerous testimonies can be found around the 'net from people who were literally at death's door -- and family members begged, pleaded and INSISTED that they be given ivermectin... and improvement was seen within hours, with the patient being sent home, recovered, from the hospital not long after.
2021-04-28 18:01:52