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User Info Science Catches Up -- And Burns You All; entered at 2021-04-28 16:27:00
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So I keep asking myself stupid questions, like why didn't someone with an ounce of integrity insist on telling the vaccinated that they must self-quarantine for 4 weeks after getting the shots? Until T-cell immunity had a chance to rev up?

Instead they just created an idiotic campaign to vax "everyone" including children (even that moron Fauci made no differentiation between the elderly/co-morbid and healthy 16 year olds.)

Without bothering to put caveats and a coherent policy (that paper was out in Jan 2021 ) in place, they've likely killed another 2-300k Americans.

As the death toll from COVID was around 400k back in December before the vaccinations began, IIRC.

Here is a question on ADE - can someone give a layman's summary on how it works?
2021-04-28 16:27:00