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User Info Science Catches Up -- And Burns You All; entered at 2021-04-28 10:26:39
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SO....those of us who have had COVID-19 and were basically asymptomatic ( I lost my sense of taste and smell but was never "sick") have long term, durable T-cell memory/immunity to this disease. My Igb antibodies may wane at some point, but my robust, working natural immune system WILL protect me from any future Coof.

We also know that obviously a lot of folks already had pre-existing immunity or at least "some" immunity in their working immune systems because recognition of similar or like disease is a hallmark of that immune system, and yet here we are going down this rabbit hole of what appears to be the exact opposite of what we should have been doing according to literally a hundred years of medical research/findings and what a large number of epidemiologists and virus researchers are beginning to scream about!

The Lies are piling up.

Im beginning to join Asi and several others here in that anything accidental is beginning to look like an outlier. How is it that a bunch of folks with unconnected disciplines and varied backgrounds can research, gather facts, and come up with a more clearer picture of reality than government institutions and unlimited amounts of money obviously cannot?

None of this now appears accidental. In fact it seems that if you wanted to control a population and instill fear to ALLOW a high level of obedience, this would be the way to do it.

2021-04-28 10:26:39