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User Info Science Catches Up -- And Burns You All; entered at 2021-04-28 07:55:29
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Registered: 2007-08-26 East Tennessee
Well. ****. It just keeps getting better and better. It's to the point where accident and ignorance simply can't explain why and that scares the hell out of me. I can't accept that, based off just news articles, published studies and logic, this small forum was able to figure out a good bit of this stuff a year ago yet nobody in power did/could.

Can somebody PLEASE come up with a reason that isn't a conspiracy as to why? I simply can't come up with anything at this point and that scares me. You can't just point at a chinese plot or them taking advantage of the situation either, because every government and health institute around the world is on the same page, and the heading for the page seems to be a how-to for a Malthusian wet dream.

Has it really gone that far? Please tell me how I'm wrong.
2021-04-28 07:55:29