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User Info Our Government And Medical System, Murderous Pricks; entered at 2021-03-01 09:59:16
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Registered: 2020-04-21
Every time a government has attempted to mass murder its own citizens the final outcome rested on who had the most guns. The government in the US - Federal and most state - has demonstrated it's prepared to kill us all. Keep your guns and the G-men will never succeed.
It's a virtual lock that the Federals are going to run a false flag mass shooting to snocker everyone into giving up their guns. If the American People give up their guns to the Federals we'll wind up like the kulaks in Russia who gave up their guns to the Bolsheviks. We'll wind up dead.
If we learn from history and stay armed, we'll stay alive and free.
2021-03-01 09:59:16