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User Info Our Government And Medical System, Murderous Pricks; entered at 2021-02-28 12:08:33
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Registered: 2016-12-26 St. Augustine, FL
When considering the totality of present circumstances and the available options, it is increasingly clear that the only way to stop this is to drop the grid.

Exposing lies has made no difference since almost no one cares.

Voting has made less than zero difference, in fact it has made things worse as voting incorrectly is now a criminal offense.

Fighting any sort of armed conflict would be futile under present circumstances.

Lawsuits and civil actions are summarily snuffed in a corrupt and supine judiciary.

Retreating and attempting to live in peace is disallowed since they will chase and harass anyone who does not submit.

We are also outnumbered. Not specifically by the leftists, but by the combination of the leftists and the people who don't give a **** as long as DoorDash works. We outnumber the leftists by a large and clear margin as evidenced by the actual election results. Globally, we are outnumbered by any measure which is why this nation should not fall or it's all over.

Therefore, the only way to ready the field and expose the actual enemy is to clear out the idiots in the middle, shuffling and mooing and masking their stupid little faces as they stare at navel lint seeking meaning they wouldn't comprehend anyway. We recently saw in great detail how exactly to clear these non-participants off the field with the situation in Texas. It also negated nearly all benefits and effects of the various propaganda outlets and technological shackles so favored by the sociopathic genocide crowd. The ice slowed down the physical movements but the real damage to the control network was the loss of comfort and convenience on the part of those being controlled. A highly instructive event, all in all.
2021-02-28 12:08:33