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User Info Our Government And Medical System, Murderous Pricks; entered at 2021-02-28 09:02:26
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There is no more that you can do Karl. No other words than Thank you.

Your work is appreciated as always, supported in any way possible by many of us.

After a while one finds that continuing is painful and frustrating.

It is time for others to step up. If they do not, it is on them.

If one finds that it hurts to hit oneself with a hammer, one should stop.

Have been debating with myself for a couple weeks saying something about my personal activities in the forum. Will do so in the more private side. Essentially it was a similar decision. Resulting from this work an insight came about from another which impressed me. Sometimes it is necessary to let go for others to find their mission. It is why death is a gift as well as its contribution to the wisdom that the time for all things must pass for others to have the freedom to stand. Letting go of a leadership position is sometimes required.

As a brilliant and dedicated surgeon once said to me, "The time to leave something, including life, is while one is still good at it."
2021-02-28 09:02:26