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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-16 19:27:54
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one of the key problems dealing with authoritarian liberals and left wingers in general is that their mental lies leave them only with the option of doubling down when a plan of theirs is failing.

Thus, a mass illness or fatality event among healthcare workers would be the best thing that ever happened for the libertarian, conservative honest thinking crowd. The only thing that works with liberals is massive public failure and defeat. Some of the lesser evil actually wake up from their delusion.

Most of healthcare work is supportive and routine. Much of the work is done by lightly trained aids who do work hard but can be replaced.

If there was a healthcare worker disaster, many people myself included could show up in the crisis and wash, change and administer care to the patients with organizational assistance from the surviving higher trained professionals. Those of us with business or organizational skills could essentially take over the newly abandoned medical facilities and probably run them better in the crisis than they were during normal times. The great crisis would be better described as a great purge. Many of the actually useful doctors and nurses would survive to take care of the professional stuff. The smart ones probably avoided this vaccine. How many who were on the outs with the profession would show up? Others come out of retirement? Retired people just decide to show up and learn and work, often for free?

For generations after such a mild disaster the story of why and how would be burned into the culture protecting it from medicine ever running amok again. People will also have record of how people stood up, rolled up their sleeves and cared for their neighbors.

People like myself would show up at the door for what would probably be over five, possibly ten years of unpaid or very low paid work to reboot the system. It might not be a bad way to spend the last ten years of one's life.

There is a possibility here if it just would happen. The worst case might just be the best case.
2021-02-16 19:27:54