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2021-02-15 10:13 by Karl Denninger
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Call It What It Is: TERRORISM *
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Terrorism (n): The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological. (Department of Defense Dictionary)

It's interesting to contemplate that the "strict" meaning of the word "violence" does not include releasing or potentiating the effects of infectious or poisonous agents, yet such is clearly terrorism.  It therefore follows that causing death by infectious or poisonous agents by either intentionally ignoring known means to stop said death when undertaken for political or ideological purposes fits the definition.

Back in February, March and April of 2020 when Covid-19 first started knocking people over in the US in size we had good reason to believe a significant number of existing off-patent, inexpensive drugs and other therapies might work to blunt the pandemic's impact.  We did not know which ones would work but we had reason to believe any or all of the following might along with several more.  I wrote on them at the time, and the record stands in the published works of many, myself included.

Exactly zero funding, studies and other efforts were set up in those months by the CDC, NIH, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Mayo and dozens of others to run down the efficacy of any of those compounds.  Several entities performed fairly low-level screening against mechanisms of action and developed lists of potential therapeutics.  None of these compounds or strategies had a profit motive associated with them since they were all off-patent and cheap.  This should have immediately led to large-scale trial registration for every one of these compounds since all were already known, approved drugs with a well-studied risk profile and the obvious thing to do with a new infectious agent was to investigate them all to see which, if any, might work.  Instead of investigating these drugs and other agents all of the agencies in question started recommending and working on vaccines, "social distancing" and then masks, the latter of which had 40 years of science demonstrating worthlessness as source control against viruses with the possible exception of N95s that are both expensive and impractical for the general public to use.

Never mind that now we're seeing actual scientific studies documenting harms of mask use specifically with regard to children.  Those forced to wear masks as adults for occupational reasons can be expected to have similar problems.  Given that children almost never get seriously ill and die from Covid for them to bear any burden as a consequence of this disease is an outrage; it is identical to telling children they may not drink out of a glass because some percentage of adults use a glass to get drunk and destroy their livers.

Other nations where corruption of the medical system -- and the money that drives it -- are less-present or they simply don't have the money for much of a medical system at all studied these compounds and actions as a means to blunt the impact of the pandemic on their population.  In short those "back woods worthless brown and black people" undertook attempts to save their population from the ravages of a disease while the richest nations in the world with a hundred times their resource deliberately refused to participate.  I'm sure our government and these so-called "public interest" entities like the Gates Foundation would have loved to stop such research, but they had no way to do so and those health systems were looking for ways to stop not just patient death but employee illness and death as well.

Over the first few months we had reports from various physicians all over the world that some of these suspected compounds worked but even then they were intentionally not followed up by our so-called "public health" agencies and institutions in both the US and most other western nations and those physicians in our country who did pursue them and found them effective were pilloried or even threatened with being fired or having their medical licenses suspended.  Indeed in several states pharmacy boards and even Governors prohibited the perfectly-legal off-label use of some of these drugs, issuing mandates prohibiting the filling of prescriptions.

Again: These are compounds whether drug or nutritional supplement where there is no profit motive to drive million dollar clinical trials; if you "win" you make no money.  Performing such research is exactly why we grant non-profit status to various research and teaching entities and fund them internally in our governments and they deliberately refused to fulfil that part of their mission.

In addition we knew after the Kirkland outbreak happened in February of 2020 that nursing homes were wildly vulnerable environments and that allowing any traffic in and out was extremely dangerous since an enormous percentage of those living in such facilities died when they got infected.  Yet for months we did nothing to shut down all such sources of infection being brought into these environments by employees and in fact in many states we had governors who intentionally enhanced transmission into these facilities by forcing infected and thus known-dangerous persons to be admitted.

So let's go down the list of what we can back up with research that was intentionally not done yet was known likely effective back in March and April.  We will start with those steps that had zero risk and move upward.

  • Segregation of nursing home employees: Known in March after Kirkland.  Not done in one single state by one single governor, all of whom could have done so.  Forbidding cross-employment in multiple facilities, moonlighting and segregating all employees in such facilities into a small hotel rented and paid for by the state so as to physically isolate all staff members from outside infection would have prevented most of the nursing home deaths.  Yes, there would have been the inevitable leakage of an occasional infection into such a facility but nowhere near what did happen.  Doing so for four months would have been much cheaper than even the six week lockdown in the general society; only about 0.5% of our population resides in such places yet they have constituted an enormous percentage of the deaths.  Some people would have quit given this mandate but that's ok; have the government pay whatever is required to staff the jobs under that conditionThis one step alone would have prevented 50,000+ deaths in the first four months, it was an obvious and effective thing to do and despite people including myself calling for it that step was not taken; these deaths are directly chargeable against every single Governor personally along with every public health department as grossly-negligent manslaughter or even Murder 2 as a result of depraved indifference.  Indeed some governors (e.g. Cuomo) did the exact opposite and intentionally forced infected people into those homes, wildly accelerating mortality.

  • Vitamin C: Believed effective, now disproved by study.  IV use may be effective (insufficient evidence and of course limited to hospitals since it's an IV.)

  • Zinc: Alone believed effective on the basis of multiple nostrums sold for viral interdiction (including colds), now disproved by study.  Possibly effective if used with HCQ or Quercetin (not studied sufficiently as far as I know; the mechanism of action is plausible but as you can see the ground is littered with those attempts.)

  • Famotidine (Pepcid): Believed potentially effective but disproved by study.

  • Vitamin D: The association between severe deficiency and serious or fatal Covid-19 infection was known in April with an extremely high degree of correlation.  A pilot study was conducted and reported out in August showing a stunning reduction in mortality and ICU admission for those administered Vitamin D at admission to the hospital.  The risk associated with advising people to not be Vitamin D deficient and to test for and immediately correct same on hospital admission is ZEROthere is no medical risk whatsoever to correcting such a deficiency and advising the population to do so at large (e.g. via a daily multivitamin), along with checking for and correcting it immediately when Covid-19 infection is suspected.  A later and larger study in Barcelona across 550 patients just reported out, confirming the earlier findings with a 60% reduction in mortality when checked at the time of hospital admission.  SIXTY PERCENT!

  • Steroid Inhalers: A doctor out of Texas reported this quite early and he was immediately labeled a quack by the mainstream media and so-called medical "experts."  I was skeptical on this one because during replication suppression of the immune system can be very bad news and there are warnings on commonly-prescribed systemic steroids (e.g. prednisone) related to increased infection susceptibility.  But -- as it turns out there is now science on inhaled steroids and the study in question was just reported out in Australia.  The findings?  90% reduction in hospitalization.  NINETY PERCENT!  In fact they stopped the study early because it was ruled unethical to deny treatment to the control group with results of this magnitude and statistical significance.  These are over the counter drugs in many nations; in the US it's prescription-only and wildly marked up at retail but they cost almost nothing in other countries.  Obviously if you don't go to the hospital you don't die either, right?  Guess what also doesn't happen?  The hospital doesn't make any money if you can puff on that thing three times a day for a few days and the infection is conquered ninety percent of the time.  Yeah.

  • Hydroxychloroquine: Turned into a political football immediately when Trump mentioned it, this is a cheap anti-malarial that has been used for decades with a very well-understood safety profile which we had good reason to believe would likely work on the science, and knew so 15 years previous.  This was noted (in the "chloroquine" form, which is more dangerous to use) as a likely effective agent against SARS in 2005 and should have been studied immediately by the NIH on that basis alone.  It's primary risk factor is in people with cardiac problems, which of course increase in prevalence with age.  Henry Ford Health System (SE Michigan) subsequently ran a pretty-conclusive trial (decent recruitment, randomization, number of persons included in both arms, etc.) on it -- a very well-respected hospital network -- and found it helpful, substituting doxycycline for Z-pak which was an identified cardiac risk potentiator.  They were immediately buried with all manner of innuendo and criticism, issuing a press release that they would have no further comment in public nor would they work publicly on anything related in the future due to being attacked for the "offense" of reporting their medical research.  Work continued outside the US and some studies post that event intentionally set dosing that was into the poisoning range with an apparent intent to discredit the therapy and, in no surprise, when you give known-toxic doses of something bad things happened.  We now know from a large number of studies that in fact it works, but is less effective and has a higher risk profile than Ivermectin.  A registered trial intending to test it as combination therapy with Ivermectin appears to have never been actually enrolled or conducted.

  • Ivermectin: Known likely effective in April when a physician who identified it via a compound search started using it in Broward County FL.  He had nearly-nobody wind up dead while everyone else in the area had about the same percentage of people die.  You'd think that when some doctor suddenly has his fatality rate drop markedly compared to everyone else the entire medical establishment would sit up, take notice and do what he or she does.  After all the cardinal definition of success in medicine is "keep the patient from dying", right?  Instead this was buried along with the HCQ controversy and deliberately ignored in the United States.  But in other nations, not so much -- Egypt and Argentina, to name just two of many, ran trials and found astounding efficiency for this drug in limiting severity of infection including direct clinical markers in patients in the hospital, which in several cases hit the magic p<0.001 number -- that is, statistically improbable beyond reason to be due to random chance.  There are now more than three dozen studies on this drug and every single one of them has reported it to be effective. In addition there is overwhelming data on safety since this drug has been used for decades in humans; the base risk of significant adverse events is 6/100,000, a safety record unmatched by virtually any pharmacologically active compound and many if not most of those adverse events were likely due to the infection being treated rather than the drug.  Merck has now tried to do the same thing to Ivermectin that was done with HCQ claiming there is insufficient "safety data" on the drug despite 30 years and many billions of doses of the drug dispensed for human use.

The important point here folks is that all of this formal study work came from outside the United States and the one time a large, nationally-recognized medical group attempted such a study here in the US they were pilloried and literally driven to silence by political activism.  This is not a singular event either; FLCCC, a group of physicians, had the video of their sworn Senate Testimony removed by Youtube!

We had several months in which to do said follow-up and deliberately did not.  There was not one dollar spent on any of this by the NIH, which Fauci and his wife (who gates research dollars as she runs the "bioethics" group) effectively operate.  Several of these drugs and therapies were directly recommended against by the NIH and FDA, including HCQ and Ivermectin.  The doctor who first came up with the steroid inhaler therapy here in the US was branded a quack by multiple so-called medical "experts" and the media.

Given this and the deliberate attacks on Henry Ford for running a trial on HCQ does this sound like public health or does it sound like the suppression of medical study and testing resulting in death for political and/or ideological goals?

Dr. Fauci has now confirmed by his own words that his and the CDC's goals are political; that his and the CDC's "new" guidelines on schools (while, I remind you, Florida has had their schools safely open for months without these thingsare conditioned on passage of the legislation currently being written in Congress.

Now let's talk about the numbers of deaths directly chargeable to this terrorism -- that is, the deliberate infliction of death through willful and intentional interference with testing known safe and potentially effective therapies and strategies that served to deliberately propagate a biological agent causing death which, if they had been undertaken, investigated and those that proved up made widely available would have dramatically changed the course of this disease, all of which by the totality of the evidence was done with the explicit goal of inculcating fear and driving a political or ideological outcome.

Had we segregated nursing home workers immediately after Kirkland 50,000 of the 140,000 people who died in the first few months would not have died from Covid.  Every single one of the Governors and the Federal Government are directly and personally responsible for these deaths and should be tried and get the needle for the mass-death they caused through depraved indifference to human life.

Had we acted on the Vitamin D deficiency data we had in April which had a zero risk of adverse effects in correcting either in the population or on hospital admission 60% of all persons who have died would not have died.  Again there is zero risk associated with making sure you're not Vitamin-D deficient.  Between these first two actions the death toll through June would have been under 40,000; a reduction in death between the two of 70%.

Had we spent the few tens of millions of dollars in March through June testing the steroid inhalers and Ivermectin, along with the other drugs that did not prove up we could have released the employee lockdown on nursing homes by the end of June and 95% of all the people who died from July onward, which now total more than 300,000 would not have died from a Covid-19 associated illness.  In other words only about another 15,000 people would have passed from that date onward. 

This is materially less, by a factor of more than 75%, than the flu kills in an average year.  Statistically that is a zero and while all death is sad that certainly is not an emergency as extended over a year's time it is materially less than the flu's annual burden.

There would have been no desire or need for "emergency" vaccines with an unknown set of intermediate and long-term risks; if vaccines were indicated they could have gone through regular testing and, in the fullness of time, perhaps been approved.

There would have been no need for "emergency" ventilators at the cost of billions which, we later learned, were both unnecessary and useless.

The trillions of dollars emitted and doled out with most of it going to big business and political cronies would have never occurred and the inflation destruction that is certain to follow in the years ahead would have been avoided.

There would have been no reason to keep a single school closed.

There would have been no call for mask mandates, distancing, closing businesses or anything else.

Essentially all of the unemployment, business destruction, wildly skewed preference and the driving of business to large national and multi-national firms such as Amazon, WalMart and others would not have occurred.

The entirety of the tourism and hospitality business would have been back to normal by August including cruises, air travel and the rest.

In short by the end of summer everything would have been back to normal including our economy.

The pandemic and fear would have been over in the summer and stayed over with cheap, inexpensive and readily-available drugs and vitamin supplements that have been known to be safe and can be bought anywhere for pennies.  If you got Covid-19 a couple of doses of Ivermectin and a few puffs on a steroid inhaler would have turned 95% of the hospitalizations and deaths that occurred into nuisances no more serious than a common cold or mild flu.  Further we would have achieved and maintained herd immunity through what would be a nuisance infection similar to that of common colds and flus by now since the infections would still happen, virtually everyone would have been infected and recovered by late summer and yet serious harm or death would have come to statistically nobody.

It can still be over without a single jab in the arm or any of the risks associated with it today, right here and now in the space of a single day, via the exact same mechanism at near-zero cost and inconvenience, job loss or economic damage.

Some of those first 40,000 dead would have died due to lack of knowledge of how to mitigate the risk and treat vulnerable people.  That sucks but was unavoidable since we did not know which pharmaceutical and nutritional agents were effective.

95% of the rest, and 95% of those who get the virus and die today are doing so as a direct result of intentional actions by State Governors, the President of the United States both past and present, the CDC, the NIH and every single so-called "public health" institution including the hospitals, teaching and research universities including but not limited to IHME, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins and countless more.

There is no reason for any of this to continue, there is no reason to wear a mask as they are worthless and in fact can cause harm, there is no reason to distance or stay away from each other, there is no reason to torture our kids with school restrictions and there is no reason to take a vaccine.

None of it is necessary on the science because we know how to stop nearly all such infections from becoming serious or fatal at the cost of literal pennies.  We had good reason to believe all of this would work in March and April, we knew factually that locking in nursing home employees would work in March, and we intentionally refused to investigate those drugs or lock nursing home employees in away from sources of infection. We did pillory the few health systems and physicians that dared launch their own investigation and report the results.

Despite that intentional obstruction in the US and western nations other countries have done the work and now the results and the jury are both in -- like it or not.

Our government -- including Federal, State and Local officials, in concert with both the medical system and our alleged "public health" agencies deliberately spread disease and caused death for the last year, directly and through depraved indifference, killing approximately 400,000 Americans thus far and is killing thousands more every single day.  We knew how to stop the death in nursing homes in February of 2020 and we knew how to stop 95% of the deaths in the general population this summer using cheap and available nutritional supplements and off-patent medications.  Rather than fulfill their legal duty both by their oaths of office and in the case of non-profits and public health organizations the duties set forth in their charter and the reason for their tax exemptions they instead conspired with commercial interests to allow and even promote such death so as to inculcate fear in the population for the purpose of political, ideological and financial gain.


These actions are deliberately being undertaken and have been since March of 2020, and have caused mass death, for the express purpose of a political and/or ideological result.

That is the entire point of terrorism -- to scare people into compliance with a set of political or ideological demands by making the public fear that they will die next if they do not do as the terrorists demand.


We're coming up on 500,000 dead Americans folks and most of those deaths were avoidable.

Something like 130+ times the number of people Bin Laden killed on 9/11 in avoidable deaths were caused by intentional refusal to follow up on what was learned and even harassment of well-respected medical institutions that dared to speak against their suppression was undertaken with another 9/11's worth of death being accrued at present every single day.

I am not afraid of this virus because I have read and understood the evolving science since the start of this mess and have acquired beginning in March the agents necessary to prevent, with a 95% certainty, the harms it may cause.  Over time I've discarded a few of those potential treatments as they were either found to be ineffective or replaced with more-effective ones.  I have ensured I am not Vitamin-D deficient since that has zero risk to my person and costs pennies.  As a result despite being 57 years of age and thus at allegedly "higher risk" it is clear on the science that this virus is no more dangerous to me than the common cold and I have exactly zero concern about contracting it.  I have lived my unmasked life for the last year and will continue to; you may take your "mandates" intended to scare me and shove them straight up your ass.

I no longer give a wet crap about terrorists using bombs, knives, guns, trucks, airplanes or even a nuclear weapon and never will again since our nation has decided that its perfectly ok for terrorists in our government and health care institutions to kill thousands of Americans every day on purpose for a year straight and will not punish those who are doing it or force them to stop.  Every terrorist who has attacked an American interest in this history of this nation combined has not come close to the body count of the ghouls who together are responsible for nearly half a million dead American souls.

And since the vast majority of the population are by the clear record terrorist sympathizers in that the people of this nation refuse to rise and put a stop to this crap if I come upon your overturned vehicle or otherwise find you in peril unlike the two times in the previous 20 years when I stopped and rendered assistance, in one case according to the EMTs likely saving the driver's life -- I'm continuing right on by.

Make your peace with God for as long as this state of affairs continues I swear on my eternal soul I will not help any who may have conspired to shove nearly half a million Americans in hole for political purposes.