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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-13 17:04:39
Posts: 4438
Registered: 2020-07-01 Rural, OK
I would have a hard time conjuring tears or even a sad face for the demise of those who ran out with their sleeves rolled up, demanded the jab, then proudly displaying their "I Voted", er, I mean, "I Vaccinated" cards on social media, along with some kind of anti-vaxxer Trumptard shaming message to those who didn't immediately celebrate their "Trust the Science" loyalty act.

In fact, it sounds too good to be true. Removing those who failed the intelligence test but passed the compliance test with shining colors? Isn't that the opposite of the selective culling "they" should prefer, that the easily subjugated population remain to be further enslaved?

Perhaps those western compliants would still be a little too free to make proper slaves, a little too fat and lazy and generally worthless. They may reserve the new slave class for the third world serfs who are used to hard labor, more malleable and less entitled.

For those of us left alive who do not comply, do not pledge blind loyalty to the talking heads of the cabal in the name of "science" and "wokeness,"
perhaps the end game envisions a more violent eradication of us deplorables. If we are the only ones left, it would be easier to justify mass destruction, and all the guns and ammo in the world would not aid in our self defense.
2021-02-13 17:04:39