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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-13 16:20:39
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well it would eliminate a lot of stupid people who are basically liberals. Perhaps this would do us a favor long term.

The problem is that once we cross a certain percentage of societal death, things are broken. Not necessarily due to the smart people not being able to take the lead and continue as normal, but the shock of it all along with economic activity ceasing for quite some time as it is recognized and sorted out. We would be dealing with immediately orphaned children, local and national leaders just dropping dead along with a lot of the administrative class both govt and private employed. Just the chaos alone of filling positions would be interesting. People would have to take over the administrative and policing functions of their communities for a time.

When one thinks about it, the population of These United States of America was much lower prior to the mid twentieth century and existed a lot closer to the original intentions of the founders with a lot more individual competency.

I suggest that people revisit or watch for the first time the mini-series "The Last Ship" for an idea of a society that has a mass death event.

One thing from this series and will be the case if Karl's warning comes true. People not compromised by this bad scenario will be veritable gods.

It is a fact that vaccination for this COVID-BS is being over represented in the media. I know for a fact that many of these centers are rather quiet and that certain communities are refusing to take it. The only reason for the vaccine BS is to cover the lie that this was serious. Guaranteed that the politicos are going to claim that the majority of people are vaccinated at some date in the future and that poof, COVID-BS infections are down enough to reopen the society to full unrestricted commerce and activity. The reality will be that people will meet dozens and chat with many others who have not taken a vaccine. However, the govt will control the data and release its own story.

People will really know, but the stupid will feel better, the Pharma stocks will benefit, the lie covered, and perhaps one day, a lot of people will die of some infection and never make the connection except for a few in meeting places like here.

I am Legend.
2021-02-13 16:20:39