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User Info The West's Obituary; entered at 2021-02-13 16:05:27
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Sounds to me like China and their stooges in the WHO have played the world for the long con. What better way to invade other countries or kill off productivity.

This was only possible through the greed and evil nature of people like Fauci, universities, and big pharma that not only particiated in the creation of this atrocity during the Biden/Obama administration but created these vaccines knowing they could potentiate infections at a later date to devastate the population. I always said it takes true psychopaths to create such weapons.

Add to that the fear porn peddled by the Chinese controlled US media and all the fanfare and propaganda to get the vaccine to be a hero and you have a dead nation. This has to be the biggest single driver that will kill the populace.

Now innoculate the military with this abomination to make our service people more susceptible to make it impossible to wage an offensive.

Personally I'd effing fully turn China, N. Korea, and every other WHO member country that pushed this atrocity into radioactive slag. I'd throw in Mecca and Medina just for good measure.

Domestically every person pushing or administering this vaccine deserves nothing less than death at the hands of the survivors when this occurs. I will not be opposed to medieval punishments as simple death is light for this grossly aggrevated betrayal and atrocity.

Trump in his stupidity made this worse by pushing this "warp speed" to feed his ego. He sure as hell didn't consult facts. I have never seen such a poor judge of character as that displayed by Trump. More like "better hurry before the con is discovered."

Now we have a corrupt Chinese influenced Congress and a true corrupt Manchurian candidate in the White House.

At least my employer decided against mandatory vaccines. I have to thank Karl for that info that made it possible launch a convincible fact based argument against the process. Karl likely just saved the lives of almost 500 people.

Once again that this was even driven by the fear porn by a few individuals is very telling. They still insist on getting the shot. Good riddance.

Also explained to HR officer how it will devistate internal containment as a non-sterilizing vaccine can lead to super spreaders that do not appear ill. They actually now need to know more about who is vaccinated than who is not! Wonder bhow much HIPPA laws will interfere with this.!

Now tell me all this was not planned......

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2021-02-13 16:05:27