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User Info A Series of Questions, Vis-a-Vis Covid-19; entered at 2021-02-01 11:37:18
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Drifter: Absolutely correct.

Friend is a teacher in a middle school in NE Spokane with an enormous Marshallese population. A 2 bd apartment will have 15 people living there in a multigenerational environment; they share everything. They are generally nice people when they arrive, and their predecessors in the community quickly educate them as to the many welfare options out there.

According to my friend, none of them work; they don't need to. The .gov takes care of them 150%. Fraud is rampant. This is not limited of course to the Marshallese; the gypsies, Hispanics, blacks and cheap trash of other cultures all do it. It's just quite focused right now with the islanders.

By the time the kids hit middle school, they are fully indoctrinated into graft life. Most don't finish middle school. My friend has taught there for 40 years; she has had the grandchildren of her first middle schoolers as her students...because they get pregnant at 12-14 y.o. in that part of town quite frequently. It pays well.
2021-02-01 11:37:18